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Burger Most Wanted @ Sungai Ara, Penang

Although the charcoal black bun heats still going on, but not many burger trucks selling black bun still. "Burger Most Wanted" which I think is moving forward to become one of the truly nonhalal most wanted burger in Penang. They has been moving around three areas which are Jalan Perak, Sungai Ara and Raja Uda. Three youngsters efficiently handling the ordering, preparing and frying jobs. They has been started off last year around July and their business is really good even in Sungai Ara. My burgers,it takes me like 30 minutes.

Spicy Onion Chicken Black Bun with egg and cheese added on (RM 9.20). The chicken was in pieces, with the cheese melted all over and flooded with spicy onion sauce. I love the mashed potato layering between the bun and the chicken. It is a great combination.

BBQ Pork Black Bun (RM 6), their homemade patty was well marinated and the moist is there.  It would taste even greater with egg and cheese added. I love their packaging by wrapping the burger with plastic and then keep them in a square box.

You may choose from 4 kinds of sauces: BBQ, Garlic, Spicy Onion and Japaneses S&S. For add on, you have the choices of egg, cheese, ham and bacon. If one layer of patty isn't enough, you may add on chicken or pork too. As their patty was so toothsome in flavor, you may go for Omnivore or Carnivore so that you can skip the buns.

Burger Most Wanted

Shift truck schedule:
Mon & Tues : Jalan Perak
Wed & Thurs : Sungai Ara
Sat & Sun : Raja Uda

Operation hours: 7pm - 11pm or until finish
+016-487 9087 (Order before come to skip the wait)

Facebook page refer here.
Location map refer follows:



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