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Nasi Melayu Pak Man @ Jalan Terengganu, Penang

If you are looking for some oriental Malay's rice with scrumptious and gravy curry, Nasi Pak Man could be your option. Some people might call it 12's block nasi melayu because it is located next to 12 block of flats at Taman Free School. You can easily locate them at the side of Terengganu road, in front of Masjid Taman Free School. Like other nasi kandar, you would have to go through long queue as well.

Their gravy kuah campur mixed with tomato rice was real appetizing. However, fried chicken, vegies and anchovies was just mediocre. 2 plates with a glass of teh tarik cost us RM 8.70.

Nasi Melayu Pak Man
Taman Free School, Jalan Terengganu, 10460 Georgetown, Penang.
Operation hours: 5.30pm – 10:00pm
Landmark: Heng Ee High School
Parking: 12 block flats
Location map refer here.


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