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Jiao Sai Maggie Mee/Restoran Yunus Khan @ Abu Siti Lane, Penang

A typical instant noodle with a poached egg may be the food that rings your mind when your stomach is growling at midnight. However, there is this restaurant that offers the irregular type of fried instant noodles (maggi goreng) that you may have – Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai).

The name Jiao Sai is a translation from the local Penangites dialect – Hokkien, which literally carry the meaning bird poo-poo. No panic, there will be no presence of bird poo-poo in this renowned maggi goreng. The name actually derived from the initial location of the restaurant, where there will be flocking of birds and the processed organic elements are easily sighted all over the place.

The zesty maggi goreng comes in 2 different flavors – original and tomyam. Both are with the addition of the Maggi curry powder or Pama tomyam powder to it respectively. Though the noodles may look unappealing when it is served, but the topup with an egg with its runny yolk and some perfectly shredded chicken makes you too hard to resist it though you know that it is very sinful to have this meal at late hours.

If one pack of maggi goreng is too little for your stomach, you could opt for Fried Rice or Roti John as well. The fried rice does not really stand out as compared to their maggi goreng.

Although there will be an exodus of people flocking the stall from time to time, particularly teenagers, the chef is never too slow to cook the dishes for you. Salute to their workers who can remember your orders so well too!

Nevertheless, be prepared to inhale some second hand smokes here, considering the space between the tables is small.  Although Georgetown has been declared as a smoke free city but the results still look far beyond reachable, not to mention the citizens who are so oblivious toward this new rules. 

Jiao Sai Maggie Mee, Restoran Yunus Khan
Abu Siti Lane, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operation hours: 5pm - 5am
Landmark: Red Rock hotel, on the right hand side of Abu Siti Lane
Parking: Along Abu Siti Lane
Location map refer here.

~By Mystery Man~

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