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De Tai Tong Cafe @ Lebuh Cintra, Penang

As a Dim Sum lover, it would be really great to have Dim Sum serves not only during the morning but night time too. De Tai Tong offers an extensive choices of Dim Sum for both hours, as well as Zhu Cha's style ala carte dishes. This old shop located at the corner of the shop lot along Lebuh Cintra does sell very nice mooncake and biscuits.

 Variety of Dim Sum choices in their cart for you to pick: ranging from basic Siew Mai, prawn dumpling, glutinous chicken to moist barbeque pork bun. They have some less ordinary choices which I find them all scrumptious to my liking. Most importantly, their prawns are fresh.

Fried Dim Sum and pastries also available on another cart. Savor the flaky crunchiness and custardy filling in their egg tart. Lotus ball with sesame was another noteworthy fried snack one should try out.

Extra prawn Sang Mee was one of their signature ala carte noodle. You don't have to add on the extra prawn as the Sang Mee itself is nectarous. The crispy noodle made a great combination with the starchy sauce. Of course, their prawn fresh as usual and came in very huge piece.

Yee Mee and Cantonese noodle aka Wat Tan Hor was just average and their starchy sauce tasted about the same.

We was strongly recommended their new dish on menu, 佛钵飘香 aka vege in the yam ring. However, it turn out to be disappointing as the yam too mushy and the kick from the yam itself barely came in.

De Tai Tong Cafe
Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
+604-263 6625
Operation hours: 
6am-12pm (Dim Sum)
11.30am-2.30pm (Seafood Zhu Cha)
6.15pm-11.30pm (Dim Sum+Zhu Cha)
Parking: Along Lebuh Cintra
Location map refer here.


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