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Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant @ E-gate, Penang

 Just beside the Old Town White Coffee @ E-gate, there is a serene Japanese restaurant filled with Japanese Table, Kotatsu. I find it hard to read their menu at first as most of names were spelled in Kanji. They have English translation though but purely just the English pronunciation of their Japanese words. Grateful that the menu still has lots of photos for us to refer to. You may find some Korean+Japanese fusion in the menu too. Their food portion was rather big and guy gonna love it especially for their Set Meal.

Yaki Niku & Yasai Itame Set (RM 26) is made of homemade style grilled pork with mixed vege. The pork was perfectly marinated with their devine sauce.

Sake Terriyaki & Goya Chanpuru Set (RM 27) came in a set of BBQ salmon & bitter gourd with egg. The unique piquant BBQ sauce well compliment the salmon while the bitter gourd wasn't bitter at all.

Sauce Katsu Don (RM18) on the left picture was a wrong orders as I was ordered Buta Kimuchi sutamina Don. However, I don't mind trying this but end up very disappointing. Gyu Karakuchi Ramen (RM 18) with spicy gravy soup was worth the try.

Grab a simple Sake Chahan (RM 12.50), so simple and so saporous.

Something plain goes with Chasu Men (RM 16).

Teppan Chicken & Tamago Kiku Set (RM 26.00) came with rice, miso soup, salad, chawanmushi and fruit. Chawanmushi was served in a warm cup and the silken egg custards was so soft and doesn't taste fishy at all. Tamago which fried with black fungus, onion and carrot was what I enjoyed the most in this set. Tender and juicy chicken was served with subtly flavorsome sauce. If I have to nitpick, I would say the Chicken can be more sizzling.

Karakuchi Ramen (RM 16.00), as the same suggest the ramen came with pungently spicy soup which really satisfy me this spicy lover. This huge bowl consists generous amount of beef slice, squid  and vege, while prawn tempura was considerately served in separate plate.

Korean style Salmon Special Roll (RM 16) and White Dragon Maki (RM 20). Both fulfill my yearn for sushi and salmon.

Surprised to find Tako Yaki (RM 10) in the menu. 5 pieces of tako yaki with the right amount of Katsuobushi and goma-dare.

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant 鹤屋日本料理
E-gate 1-1-15, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, Block 1, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang
+604-656 1115
Operation hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.00pm-10.30pm (Daily)
Landmark: Old Town White Coffe
Parking: E-gate Parking
Service Charge 10% applicable



  1. this place has the worst food and service

  2. What happened? We haven't been there for years. Back then when we weren't familiar with Japanese food, it serves as an okay spot to get some Japanese cuisine cravings filled.

  3. your blog dated 2013 obviously the food is no more good

    1. Ahh thanks for the feedback. Seemed like the quality has dropped tremendously. We never visited there since 2013.