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Malak Kuoy Teow Soup @ Weld Quay, Penang

Intrigued by the crowded coffee shop with 3 makeshift stalls at Weld Quay, just a short distance away from Shell Petrol Station. These stalls situated right next to Chew Jetty Cafe and opposite Hai Soon Trading Company. Surprised to find Malak Koay Teow Theng there. Our curiosity drawn us  to try out how could a plain koay teow soup can turn into malak.

Scary red Malak Koay Teow Soup (RM 3.50), first sip widen my eyes. Although it was quite spicy but the soup still serve the plain scent from the original koay teow soup. The finely dized garlic and scallion gave a bold touch to the flavorsome soup.

Scrumptious Char Koay Teow with fresh prawn can be ordered from the stall next Koay Teow Soup. The koay teow was well flavored and absorbed great amount of wok hei.

Wantan Mee (RM 3.00) was just next to the Koay Teow Theng stall, it was just mediocre though.

Operation hours: 4pm -12am

I don't have the exact address but I hope this map would be helpful.


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