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Him Heang Tambun Piah @ Penang

When the last time you put in a fresh and warm Tambun Piah into your mouth? It was mind-blowing and addictive have it warm from the oven. The golden pastry skin was fluffy and fragrant. The green bean and onion scent was so pungent that I just pushed the whole thing into my mouth. Just let the aroma circulate in my mouth. Him Heang is where I can find these enjoyment.

A bunch of family members eager to enjoy the fresh Tambun Piah in front their shop just after they bought it.

They offers variety of pastry such as Large Tau Sah Piah, Beh Teh Saw, Phong Piah, Heoh Piah and the list goes on. Patrons strive to be ahead of others to place their orders, as their biscuits sold off really quick especially during weekend. 

Irresistible mini golden Tambun Piah, warm in my mouth. Best Penang's delicacy that ones must not miss. Its best you call over to book first if you intend to buy many.

Him Heang Tambun Piah
162-A, Jalan Burmah, George Town, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
+604-228 6130
Operation hours: 8.30am-5.00pm (Daily)
Landmark: Union high school, opposite Green House coffee shop, next to a church.
Parking: In front their shop/church


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