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Green House Hokkie Mee @ Burmah Road, Penang

Just opposite Chiew Thean Yeang Aquarium, there is a short row of shabby shop lots. You will find a makeshift stall in a small shop, tables and crowd occupied the whole walkway. This magnificent hokkien mee was originated from Old Green House Coffee Shop before they move over here and having their own coffee shop.

If you are just bored of the typical prawn and egg and craving for something else to add on, then you come to the right place. This place offers you the added on option like pork rib, roasted pork, Chinese sausage, fish ball, meatball, chicken leg and even pork intestine. Not just Hokkien Mee, they offers Loh Mee and otak-otak too. Late worker just love to take away their supper here.

Chili paste was readily served on the table and you can customize the level of spiciness on your own preference. I personally find the original soup very delectable on its own and the highlight would be the Loh egg. If you don't prefer meehun mee, you may opt for cintan mee or ramen. All came with the option of small or large in size. My small bowl of original hokkien mee cost me RM 4.00.

The starchy Loh Mee (RM 4.00) was overwhelmed with strong garlic taste to my liking. Prawn, lard, sprout were added into the noodle. For the Otak-otak (RM 3.20), I was quite disappointed as the fish custard was over moist and I hardly able to any find fish fillet in it.

Green House Hokkien Mee
Jalan Burmah, George Town, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Operation hours: 8.00pm-4.00pm (Closed on Sunday)
Landmarks: Oppsite Chiew Thean Yeang Aquarium & Chinese Temple 斗母宫, next to TM building
Parking: Road side of the Lorong Madras


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