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Mee Goreng/Mee Thajuddeen @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

Most of the famous Mee Goreng Mamak would be from Penang but I found this Mee Goreng / Mee Thajuddeen at Sungai Petani is well deserved to be the must try Mee Goreng.

I would rather call it Mee Bungalow instead of Mee Goreng because the restaurant operates in a bungalow! Step into this bungalow, the friendly chef will greet you and ask you what would you like to order.

They serve the mee goreng in pyramid shape and it makes the portion looks big. Unlike the other mee goreng I have tasted, this one is relatively dry and the noodles are very crunchy.  Served with soft tofu, potato and tops with chilis, it emits both sweet and spicy when you taste it. Another notable matter on this mee goreng would be the crunchy dried bean curd which provides you the chance to exercise your teeth and mouth. Lacking of the sourness provided by lime, you could ask for the chef to have a piece of lime to squeeze it on the noodles.

Mee Rebus is also available in this restaurant. The sauce is good, with the slight spiciness and the aroma of tomato.

You could opt for Pasembur if you are looking for some snacks. The gravy with peanuts furnishes the ingredients in the Pasembur with sweetness and spiciness and it just tastes great.

Restoran Taulat, Mee Thajudeen
Operation hour: 9am – 8:30pm.
Address: 214-B, Jalan Hospital, 08000, Sungai Petani.
Tel: 04-443 8786


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