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Mee Goreng @ Restoran Barkath, Tanjung Bunga

Though one may be expecting some luxurious food in Tanjung Bunga as this is the tourist hotspot, you could actually find great and exceptional local delicacies here.

Mee Goreng, which may be indifferent to people but this one at Restoran Barakath will definitely appeal your growling stomach. Another chef who insisted to the usage of charcoal in frying the noodles, the mee goreng provides great fragrance. In addition, the noodles stimulate your nasal when you have them in your mouth by ejecting the essence of cuttlefish, which distinguished it from the other mee goreng that I have tried.

Other than mee goreng, the chef also offers mee rebus. Roti canai and nasi kandar are available in this restaurant, just in case the mee goreng does not provide enough supply to your glucose level as the portion is relatively small, for me at least.

Direction: From Jalan Tanjung Bungah, go until the intersection with Jalan Lembah Pantai, where you can see the Maybank on your left after the traffic light, go straight 100m and turn left into Jalan Chan Siew Teong. You will see the restaurant on your left immediately after you turn left. 

~By Mystery Man~

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