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Liva Seafood Restaurant @ Weld Quay, Penang

Weld quay is an amazing place where you can find Cruise, Ferry and surname jetty, or course there are lots of GREAT food there too. Liva Seafood Restaurant which strategically located beside the shell station and few steps away from Ferry Jetty. We went there to try out their Fish Noodle and got more than we expected.

They serve variety of choice for Zhu Cha and has some special dishes in the menu. In order to cater the bicycle heats in Georgetown, they provide bicycle rental with cutie bees attached to every bicycle.
In the morning and afternoon, they opened as well but just serve set meal for rice.

The whole purpose of this food hunt was Fish Noodle. Mee hun was served with fried fish and vege. The fish was fresh, sweet and doesn't fishy at all, but be extremely careful as it is not boneless. The soup was plain but with natural sweetness, it wasn't taste like MSG. However, the soup doesn't trigger my taste bug to give me the Wow feel though.

What really amazed me of the night would be their Singapore Mee Hun. I have been a loyal fans for Super Tanker Singapore Mee Hun since I was in Secondary school. For this, I have to say the pungent taste from the mixture of tomato and soy sauce was perfect. The moisture remained on the noodle was adequate. For the first time, I love my singapore mee hun to go without sambal. Definitely the best in my list.

Fried Yi Fu Mee doesn't disappointed me too. The starchy sauce found a balance between salty and sweet. I believe their Char Hor Fun should be nice as well since they just differ in term of the noodle used.

Hae Gor Chao to cool our heaty body.

Restaurant Seafood Liva
Pangkalan Weld Quay, 11600 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 7.30am-3pm & 6.00pm-11.00pm (Closed on Tuesday, unless it's public holiday)
Landmark: Shell Petrol Station, Ferry Jetty
Parking: In front surname jetty, roadside across the street


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