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Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen @ Ideal Bayan Baru, Penang

Speaking of Lily's kitchen, one might recall the one at Madras Lane which has rooted in Penang since the year 2006. Ya, that is their first and main branch. About 3 months ago, they opened second branch at Ideal which located at Bayan Baru which near to the bustling Free Trade Zone. The restaurant's name Lily was name after the daughter of Tauke, Mdm Lau Geok Ngoh. Most of their vege was organically grown and fresh directly from Cameron Highland.

Green Curry Rice (RM 6.50), the curry came with crunchy cauliflower, long bean, and vegan prawn and ornament with curry leaf. The tangy curry was appetizing and a little spicy for me this spicy eater.

Sweet and sour chix 咕噜肉 + vege + soup for RM 6.50. The cauliflower was glazed with sweet soy sauce which we found a hard time accepting this combination.

Seaweed soup

3 rolls of Chee Cheong Fun for RM 4.50.

Chix Chop for RM 9.00

Sambal Fish + Vege + Soup set (RM 6.50), the fish was superb crunchy and well refined with the sambal sauce.

At their counter has this superb scrumptious Seaweed Potato Cracker (RM 4.00), the potato aroma was piquant and the saltiness was just perfect. The best tidbits for Friday movie.

The restaurant is situated towards the end of the road where you find Cruise Stick house. The restaurant was combined from 2 shops and they offer self service.
Lily Restaurant was renowned to be the first vegetarian restaurant to offer private function and catering.

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen 欣莉素餐馆
2-G-15 & 16, Tingkat Mahsuri 2, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang, Malaysia.
+6016-424 3576
Operation hours: 11.00am-9.00pm
Landmark: The Grain Loaf, Ideal is situated opposite Mayan Point & adjacent to Sunshine Square.
Parking: Parking lot in front each shop at Ideal was strictly reserved for their own customer; you may park at sunshine and the shop lot nearby.

The map provided below is just for you to reach Ideal.

However this map will help you locate Lily's Kitchen.



  1. R u crazy? That green curry was a joke! It was like green coloured water that smelt so bad. Please don't write false reviews like this! Have a conscience!

    1. Hi, thanks for your gracious concern, we are completely sane, otherwise we would not be able to reply your comments.

      We have no idea how the dish taste has changed over the course of 5 years, nor we were liable for the changes of the taste. Nevertheless, please be assured the reviews were genuine.