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Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Green Hall Lane, Penang

As the name suggested, Kaffa mainly serves their specially brewed coffee. When one think of coffee then one might link it to breakfast, yes they offer quite a number of options for breakfast especially toast. They opened very early which is at 8, so one can grab a cup of coffee and pack a bag of toast to enjoy in the office. If you been to Brew Thirty Two, then you must be notice Kaffa is just few doors away. Their wooden signage and interior posses a very leisure kind of vintage American feel that makes it a cozy place to chill out. It would be an ideal place for patrons to take a break here and enjoy some free Wifi.
Remarks: This place has since closed down. 

A very unique open air balcony with beautiful limelight for a bunch of friend to chill out and enjoy some silly laugh.

Their signature iron cups with their Kaffa logo printed on it are sold for your self collection. This cup reminds me of my childhood memory where my grandma used to have lots of these cups. Of course, not that fancy!

Grilled Chicken Swiss Cheese with Avocado (RM 17.90), the toast was well toasted and crunchy while the chicken was perfectly grilled and drenched with their special sauce. I am afraid I do not know how to appreciate the avocado's taste but it is good for health anyway. The mashed potato was mediocre and I find it a little bit dry. For the salad, I personally don't like the sauce and find it bitter.

Cake is the must have item at coffee house, so Kaffa makes no exception. Their cakes were different everyday and serve in limited choices by looking at the size of their fridge. We opted for Oreo Cheese Cake (RM 11.00), the oreo base found a balance between hard and crumbly.The cheese cake part was very creamy and cheesy. It is so moist that the cake stick to your fork on every scoop.

Cafe Freddo (RM 12.00) widen my eyes on my first sip and so as after. The coffee aroma was so pungent and definitely special. The aftertaste might a little bit bitter but just nice for me. There was complimentary lemonade juice for us but we found it too sweet to our liking. Therefore, we go for sky juice instead which you have to get it yourself from the counter. Self service.

Currently there is only two outlets in Malaysia where the other one situated at Damansara Utama. There will be 4 more outlets coming soon: The Main Place, Ativo Plaza, KLIA2 & Penang Airport. Therefore, south part of Penangite can enjoy Kaffa's coffee soon without traveling all the way down to town.

My chignon updo on that day. Blush~

Kaffa Espresso Bar
22, Green Hall, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
+604-262 2822
Operation hours: 8.00am-10.00pm (Daily)
Parking: Carpark along green hall lane, Esplanade carpark
Landmark: Brew Thirty Two, Segi College


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