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Fried Bananas & Fritters @ Weld Quay, Penang

I am a huge fan for fried fritters especially fried banana. I just couldn't resist fried stuff although I realized it's not good for health and makes me grow fat easily. As I passed by Weld Quay while on my way heading to Jelutong Expressway, couldn't help stopping down to grab some snack and share it with mystery man.

It was a family business where uncle and aunty frying fritters while their children helping out. Every fritters were deep fried twice with their secret mixture of flour.

Sad to know that fried banana was sold off. In order to heal my despair, I got us each of the rest. The cucuk kacang was crunchy and best dipped with the provided chili. Jin Tooi each filled with peanut and coconut was chewy with the extra texture of sesame. The uncommon deep fried corn sandwich was succelent to my liking.  Nian Gao that sandwiched between sweet potato and yam was the reason I waited for half an hour. It was the second high demand item after fried banana.

Tips: Be prepare to line up for long queue.

Weld Quay Fried Banana & Fritters
Located at the left hand side of road heading to Jelutong Expressway
Landmark: Lang Sae Lee Thai Food
Operation hours: 1.30pm-7.00pm (Closed on Sunday)


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