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Char Koay Teow Hunt @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

An impulsive thought of BM Char Koay Teow food hunt suddenly hit our mind during midnight. Thus, we went and try out the 2 of the popular char koay teow which open until late night.

Our char koay teow hunt begin with the one at Jalan Pasar. Hawker food wasn't meant to provide a 5 stars ambience for customer, thus we have to eat with the help of street light. The koay teow (RM 3.00) was fried with special dark sauce and the koay teow was chopped into small pieces during the frying process. Bean sprout was generously added which we found it a little overwhelmed the portion of koay teow. Besides, prawn and cockles were added too. Compare to Penang's Island char koay teow, BM one is more towards salty and darker appearance side while Penang's Island one is much spicy and with goldish appearance. For dessert, we opted for red bean sago (RM 1.50).

Duck Egg Char Koay Teow @ Jalan Pasar
Operation times: 8.00pm till late night
Landmark: Next to taxi station
Parking: In front shop lots

After half an hour, we are at Mei Le Hwa @ Jalan Kulim.
Similar to Jalan Pasar, 阿兴 koay teow was fried with charcoal which increase the wok hei even more.

 His charcoal duck egg char koay teow was slightly different than Jalan Pasar as he added Chinese sausage and topped with duck egg for RM 4.00. The koay teow was similarly fried with their mysterious dark sauce, cockles and bean sprouts. We were amazed by how tauke manage to stick the duck egg stick to every piece of the koay teow. This definitely worth trying.

Restaurant Mei Le Hwa 美丽华海鲜餐室
Jalan Kampung Baru, 11400 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 8.00pm till late night
Parking: In front shop lot


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