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Zi Wei Yuan Fish Steamboat @ Raja Uda, Penang

Another speciality at Raja Uda, besides Tom Yam would be Fish Steamboat, or Hokkien lang like to call it 'Hu Lor'.

We opted for Grouper Fish Steamboat 石斑炉(RM 40.00) out of the choices of Fried Fish Steamboat 炸鱼炉 (RM 35.00) and Mixed Ingredients Steamboat 什料炉(RM 128.00) . Fish, vege, beancurb and seaweed were readied in the authentic hot pot. We added on fishball (RM 3.50) , abalone mushroom (RM 5.00) , enokitake (RM 3.00) and cellophane noodles (RM 3.00). Charcoal and DIY fan were used to keep the soup simmering.

The fish was tender and sweet while the deep fried yam was fantastic. I love the milkiness and natural sweetness of the fish broth. However, Starview's Fish Steamboat still impressed me more.

Their shop are always crowded especially during peak hour which is around 7pm-9pm. We have to search for table where customer almost finish their meal and stand beside the table for booking. Even if we have our table, we hardly can enjoy our meal become there is always people starring at us or even stand beside us to book our table. This is the annoying part when a Restaurant get famous.

Along the roadside between Zi Wei Yuan and 斗母宫, there is a stall selling 油炸糕 where lots of Zi Wei Yuan's customers bought their snacks when they just too hungry after long waiting for table and for food to be served. You Tiao 油条, Butterfly Bun 马脚 and Salty Fried Bun 咸煎饼 costed me RM 2.60.

Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat 紫薇圆鱼头火炭路炉
6525 Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang 12300, Malaysia
+604-331 2736
Operation hours: 6pm-11pm (Closed on Wed)
Landmark: 斗母宫
Parking: Roadside, residential


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