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Starview Restaurant @ Burma Road, Penang

Starview restaurant has been rooted in Penang since the year 1979. I have been quite frequently visit this restuarant during the event of wedding since I was small. Their restaurant used to be just beside 斗母宫 along Burmah Road, which now been replaced with Proton car showroom. Now, they has another outlet at Prai.

Noticed the mahjong tiles on the pillar and even the cashier counter? That's their iconic theme thus makes it renowned as Ma Jiok Keng in Hokkien. I love their consistency serving of quality foods.

Fish Head Steamboat aka 'Hu Lor' (RM 68.00) was one of their signature dish. It came with 2 bowls of fish fillet laying on top the bed of fresh green vegetable and cellophane noodles. There were fried fish head and toufu in the soups. I find their fish soup very natural and nectarous. It doesn't feel like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) at all. Due to their fish was cooked by our self thus the tenderness and freshness of the fish remains. I personally prefer this more than Zi Wei Yuan.

Another signature of Starview was this Fried Prawn with Butter Oatmeal (RM 25.00). I love the strong buttery nestum flavor combined with the freshness and chewy texture of the prawns. It was an enjoyable dish and I wish that I can have more.

Clay pot Pork Ribs for RM 16.00. It was mediocre though.

Complimentary Chinese Pancake by Starview. Nian Gao was fried with sesame thus encrusted the pancake to create nutty texture. Slurrpy!

You may refer their webpage here.

Starview Restaurant 仙景楼
102-B-1 - 102-B-4, New World Park, 102 Burmah Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
+604-226 6544/5213, +604-227 4507
Operation hours: 12pm-2.30pm & 6pm-10pm (Daily)
Landmarks: Tune Hotel
Parking: New World Park
Payment options: Cash & Credit Card
Government & Service Charges applicable


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