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Selera Sim @ Jln Tengah, Penang

Between the old flats which just opposite the RHB & Pelita shop lots, there comes this hidden coffee shop-> Selera Sim. The highlights of this coffee shop would be the Jawa Mee Goreng Beratur.

After 10 mins queue, there goes our succulent Fried Mee Jawa (RM 3.00). Their mee jawa was more towards mamak side. The noodle was fried with luscious tomato sauces. The ingredients used just like the ordinary mee jawa, just it was cooked in the dry form. Seriously, the noodle was much scrumptious with the 'wok hei'.

Cooked Mee Jawa (RM 3.00) tasted as nice as the fried one. The tomato creamy sauce was piquant and succulent. Mixed the chili paste evenly to the whole dishes to boost up even more.

The queue was even longer while we were enjoying our meal. Oh ya! Their mee jawa was self service. Thus, we have to queue up.

Uncle Kin's  Original Chili Dry Pan Mee (RM 6.90) looks very appealing especially the 70% boiled egg. It was quite nice but just haven't meet KL's standard anyway.

These two small bowls of noodle just can't fill up our stomach so we grab some snacks with nyonya kuih. Pulut Tai Tai 蓝糕, the quintessential nyonya kuih. It taste quite average but the Kaya was pungent to my liking. Vegetable Dumpling 菜糕 from the picture on the right was awesome. The greatly seasoned jicama was where the sparks came from. Slurrp!

Tried Set A with Chicken and Fish fritters Rice (RM 5.00) from The Nest Chicken Rice. The chicken fritters was very crunchy and I love the topped sauce. Fish fritter a little floury but still nice to go with sweet and sour sauce. I like the 3 special sauces drizzled over the sauce.

Their nescafe was just average.

Selera Sim super pack during lunch hours. Lots of bank and factory's employee came over to have lunch here.

Selera Sim Food & Drinks Service Centre
Block 70-G-1, Jln Tengah, 11900 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 10am-6pm
Landmarks: RHB, Pelita, Giant, Caltex Petrol Station
Parking: Limited parking in front flats building


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