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Rasheed Mee Goreng @ Jelutong, Penang

Voila! Mee goreng again. (#^^#)

This scrumptious Mee Goreng ( RM3.80) has stronger tomato paste. Typically, it was fried with squids, taugua, sprouts with lime for you to squeeze over it to create some freshness and sour taste on the dishes. I personally think the squids can be cut into smaller pieces for the ease of bite. 
If you are a good spicy eater, remember ask tauke to "Tambah Pedas" . It simply means extra spicy.

Rasheed Mee Goreng is situated just opposite Jelutong's Pos Office and next to Pos Burger. Tauke has been frying mee goreng for more than 30 years since age 16.
Remarks: Every plate of mee goreng is fried with charcoal's fire.

Reddish mee goreng was on its way.

Operation hours: 2.30pm-7pm (Closed on Friday and sometime random day)
Location map refer here.

Hameed Pata's mee sotong refer here & Hussain mee goreng refer here.

Before that, we actually stopped by Union High School to buy some of our favorite old days' snack when we were waiting for bus during our teenage years.

It's a small business done buy a husband & wife. Each of them take charge of Union High School & Chung Ling High School.

Fattening chicken's skin & fries, RM 1 each. Alas, the fries' portion has reduced. TT



  1. What time does Rasheed's stall open? :-)

    1. Hi, they open at 2.30pm and close at 7pm. Sorry will update this to the blog. hehe

    2. Thanks for the information! :-)