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Nine Emperor Gods Festival @ Penang

The annually Nine Emperor Gods Festival had arrived Penang last week. It's always one of the bustling events of the year in Penang where all the believer being vegetarian for 9 days, starting from 1st to 9th September of the lunar calendar. In Penang. you will notice lots of wawker stalls decorated in sharp yellow suddenly pop out along the roadside just a few days before the festival begin.

Therefore, I am gonna share some of the great vegetarian foods that only sell in this 9 days.

One of the popular temple, at Burma Road where believer pray for their wish come true during this festival.

Wow! Where they got this long bamboos?

Candles carrying believer wishes.

The longest vegetarian hawker stalls in Penang Island was just across the street. There was lots of stall selling various kind of food along Lorong Madras, just beside the TM building.

Slurrpy Penang's Asam Laksa (RM 4.50). I wonder what the tauke thrown in to makes the soup taste as if the soup has fish minced. Taste pretty similar to ordinary fish asam laksa. Most of all, the chili padi inside the soup super spicy! It was so exciting!

Char Hor Fun (RM 3.50) from the stall next to laksa. This was awesome! I never expected char hor fun without egg could be that great, some more it's vegetarian. These stall was situated opposite Chinese Methodist Church.

One of the must-try snack would be lobak (cylinder shape) and vegetarian duck (rectangular shape) on the right hand side of the pictures.

Ko Wa is nother must-keep snack to save you when you are hungry at midnight where all the vegetarian stalls are closed. You just can't visit McD or Mamak for supper.

There was lot of options for vegetarian foods instead of typical economy rice. Now they even have pizza, burger, fried durian, fried meat analogue ball!

Landmak: Chinese Methodist Church, TM

Next would be another huge stall found at Farlim, Lebuh Raya Thean Tek. It's just beside the field where Farlim Flea Night Market held on every Wednesday.

Very enticing variety of dishes for me to pick. I was having dilemma. However, I have to say that I was a little disappointed that the vegetarians food nowadays serve more meat analogue instead of natural raw ingredients like how Than Hsiang Vegetarian Restaurant & I love Vege practice.

I took Guan Jiang 广将 (a kind of food made from yam, peanut and wrapped with bean curb skin), yam cake, brinjal & tomyam. Costed me 5 bucks.

Added on snack with Lobak & 菜糕 aka steamed vegetable cake for RM 2.50. The lobak quite nice and tasted a little bit like guang jiang. Alas, the vegetable cake was average.

Their curry noddle was pretty good too.

Over sweet Soya Bean for RM 2.00.

Lots of snacks such as tau sah pia, yam crackers were sold there.

Colourful liquid filled in plastic bags along with different quote which hanged on the roof  was their signature.

Landmark: Pizza Hut

Here come the star of the post-> forever-long-queue Curry Noodle. In another words, curry mee beratur.


Amazed by the forever long queue scenario! Luckily they served take away and having-here orders separately. Thus, the queue was fast moving. However, got our noodle then faced the problem locating seats.

Super scrumptious White Curry Noodle (RM 4.00). We were allowed to decide the amount of chilli ourself according to own preference. Their curry was super spicy. It tasted very different comparing ordinary curry noodle. I noticed they put mint leaf too. It was a gratifying meal.

Landmark: Next to the food court opposite Heng Ee High School


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