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Night Flea Market Food Steps @ Penang

Penangite love nightmarket. This is where we can find great snacks, phone accessories, girl accessories, clothes and even daily utilities. However, I am going to share about foods since this is the main focus in nightmarket after all. My favourite night markets would be Farlim on Wednesday's night and Perak Lane on Friday's night. However, the foods I shared here strictly taken from Farlim market.

Our all time favorite snack, Black Oyster Mushroom (RM 4.00) with chili powders from Oyster King . Crunchy yet remains the rubbery texture of the mushrooms. They used to serve it in paper bag but now, they upgraded it to paper cup. I love the upgrade.

One of my favorite Laksa (RM 3.20) in Penang came from this stall. The shrimp paste aka hae kor was nice. It doesn't have the fishy taste. The portion was small indeed. If I was to have this bowl for dinner only, I am sure I will be hungry again in just an hour.

Thus, we added on Koay Kak with egg (RM 2.30)! Two guys were frying in the stall, one in charge of the take away orders while another got the having here orders covered. The sprouts were fresh but the koay kak a little bit salty. Request for extra spicy would makes the dishes taste better. Overall, it's nice.

We were away from Penang for too long. Just spotted Dragon Beard Candy (RM 5.00) aka 龙须糖  in night market. The candy quite nice and I like the sifu made them into pandan green colour. This makes the candy not so dull with the typical white colour. This candy has to be eaten fresh. What I meant fresh here is that you have to eat it after purchase. Don't keep it until you home or else you will find it very hard to bite. The candy was so thin that I have to quickly throw the whole piece into my mouth to prevent the peanuts filling from falling out.

Their facebook page may refer here.

One of my random snack Muar Chee (RM 2.00)

My favorite Ti Gong Tua Yong Tau Foo 天宫坛酿豆腐, enjoy the delicious food by standing on the pathway. Their chili paste was very spicy. After finish all the yong tau foo, request for their broth soup. By mixing the residue of the spicy chili paste with pungent broth soup, its was a great enjoyment.
You may reach tauke with the number of 014-945 6745 as they have delivery service for function events. 

Spotted this Kor Zha Bee pork satay stall just next to the yong tau fu motor. The pork satay (RM 1.00) was well marinated and smoked. Pork fat at the very end of the stick was surprisingly crunchy and chewy. It made me forgot how fattening was that piece which I chewed into my stomach. However, for the curry ball (RM 1.00) , I still find KL's one better.

Spotted this classy Arizona Cafe stall few stalls away from the yong tau fu and they sell the coffee in cheaper rate comparing to coffee house. I find it quite rare to have coffee house's stander of coffee blending machine in flea market. A friendly aunty told me their coffee was superb and recommended me Mocha (RM 5.00) while I still wondering which to order. Tauke hired a foreign worker to help up. First, chocolate powder was well blend with ice, concentrated coffee which extracted from coffee bean machine was then mixed together. The coffee then topped with milk, cream and chocolate liquid. I love the pungent coffee aroma overwhelmed the chocolate and milk. The ice was well blended and the taste stayed until the last sip.
They have four more items: Cuppocino, Latte & Tea which give you the option of hot, cold and ice blended.

I am gonna share some other snacks that we love.

Taiwan style Pan Fried Dumpling 煎饺, 4 pieces for RM 2.50 while 8 pieces for RM 4.00. I like how the sour soy sauce perfect the dumpling.

Taiwan Sausage, RM 2.00 each, RM 9.50 for 5 sticks while buy 10 free 1 for RM 20.00. My favorite flavor always be super malak but certainly the spicy level of this is far to reach Newton sausage's level from Melaka.

Another option would be Lok Lok with variety of choices and sauces. Price ranging from RM 0.50 to RM 1.20 per stick. They are a lot cheaper comparing to KL.

Uncle bob big Cheese Hog Dog (RM 2.20) from Uncle bob. It might looks huge by appearance but it is actually hot dog wrapped in bread.

These biscuits thin made me nostalgia of our kiddy days. Our parents used to buy these biscuits for us because it is cheaper than those market in the hypermarket. Minimum purchase with RM 3.00, up to how much you want.

Another recommended snack would be freshly fried Prawn Cracker which I missed out the photos.
For drinks, you can look for freshly extracted sugar cane juice.

Farlim Night Flea Market on Wednesday 
Medan Angsana 1, Air Itam, 11500 Penang, Malaysia

Perak Lanes Night Flea Market on Friday
Jalan Van Praagh, Jelutong, 11600 Penang, Malaysia



  1. Hello, is the longxutang still available in flea market in Penang?

    1. Hi Vivian, no idea on that.. sorry for unable to help.. we never been to flea market for some time :(
      you may wish to try your luck on it