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Ken Curry House @ Batu Maung, Penang

I hardly notice this curry house although I have been passing this road often until I was told by my friend to try them out.

It was an ordinary house but turned the small kitchen like compound to sell curry (on the right hand side of the picture)

Their home recipe menu was simple with just 5 type of dishes. They hospitably explained the dishes and level of spiciness to us. Due to low demand of vegetables curry so Tauke turned it into Bah Kut Teh.

I thought this was a great and simple decoration for the serving table. However, it is edible.

Complimentary Chrysanths tea.

Salted Fish Curry (RM 8.50) came with 2 precious pieces of salted fish. I really love the gravy sauces with onion.The sauce made the rice taste so appetizing out of sudden.

Curry Assam Sotong (RM 9.50) with two precious piece of  squids, it was quite nice but Salted Fish Curry more to my liking.

Every set came with white rice, fried egg, white carrot, snacks and sprouts with sesame oil that kept in fridge. Overall it was gratifying and pretty filling for my tummy.

Their Bah Kut Teh (RM 8.50) might not be the best that I have tried but it still tasted good to me. I enjoyed every sip of its herbal soup and even requested for refill.

Indian Curry Fish (RM 9.50) came with half piece of black pomfret, lady's finger and tomato. The curry was so great that I can just eat the curry with rice only.

Updated on April 22, 2014: Attempted their today's special, Satay (RM 1.00/ stick), although it was on the pricey side but I love the unique paste on the body of satay. It was a disappointment that it was their homemade but it was really delectable.

Get 10 chops, you will get one bowl of free bird nest dessert.

Ken Curry House @ Jalan Batu Maung
Operation Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm
Landmarks: Opposite Kediaman Pegawai Jabatan Perikanan Negeri Pulau Penang, Aquarium Batu Maung



  1. Do you have their contact number? Wanna have lunch there today