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Green Garden @ Sunway Tunas, Penang

Green Garden  offers very healthy and organic way of vegetarian food. All of their food cooked in the most natural way without garlic, onion, egg, milk and most importantly, without meat analogue. I love their spectacular  food presentation, very colorful and attractive. Their menus were very extensive, covering from snacks, noodles, rice until organic drinks.

May 10th, 2015 Updates: Recently, I brought Mystery Man and my friends on separate trip to visit Green Garden again. I am so glad that the foods still remain their usual quality, while the price doesn't change. Do you know that by collecting your receipts, you will get 10% off for your whole life after you accumulate RM 150 spending? Yup, I am still collecting~

Tom Yam with brown rice vermicelli soup (RM 10.30), filled with vegetables like carrots, corns, cabbages and mint leaf. Unlike the non vegetarian tom yam, you can tell that the soup was purely brew from vegetables. It is always that spicy, try this at your own risk. The best thing of sipping vegetarian soup is that is it always safe for you to bottom up the soup. No risk of swallowing any chipped shell or bone.

Organic Tom Yam Ramen (RM 9.80)

Tom Yam Brown Rice Set Meal (RM 9.80), came in extra watermelon as dessert.

Fried Oragnic Ramen (RM 9.80) is the 'Today's Special' for Saturday & Sunday. Mystery Man and I are great fans for mee goreng but we have never tried the vegetarian version before. Green Garden has definitely tick all the column of  the criteria for great me goreng. Due to their practice of no egg allows on their dishes, they have used minced tofu to create the illusion of egg-sticking-to-the-ramen texture. The decent crispy topping, we presumed to be popiah skin.

My buddy was having ulcer, so she went for Oragnic Dry Ramen (RM 9.80). I was expecting soy sauce kind of ramen but apparently I was wrong. The sauce was really special in the good way and the taste wasn't something I usually find in vegetarian food.

Pumpkin Orgainc Ramen (RM 10.80), the sauce very scrumptious to my liking and it came with vege and abalone mushroom.

Corn Fried Rice Set (RM 9.80), I wasn't expecting too much from this dishes as it looks like ordinary fried rice with extra corn. However, it turned out to be mouth smacking. We just can't help ourselves and kept on scoping one after another.

Oragnic Curry Ramen (RM 9.80), thick and creamy but not the oily kind of potato curry.

Fried Tom Yam Brown Rice (RM 9.80). Brown rice was known to be quite bland and requires very good cooking skills. However, the chef managed to bring out the Tom Yam scent from the brown rice. Amazing! This set came with soup, pickle and watermelon. Just, mint leaf was over but good to be served as ornament.

Fried Yellow Ginger Organic Thin Ramen (RM 10.80), like the thin ramen fried with fresh vegetables and sprouts.

Pumpkin Brown Rice Set (RM 9.80) wasn't impressive though comparing with the rest.

Loba-loba (RM 8.80) always the snack I would recommend my friends everytime I visit. It is very similar to Kwan Jiang, the teochew snack. With Yam as the main filling, wrapped in the thin and crispy bean curb skin.

Crispy Yam Ball (RM 8.80), because there were 5 of us thus I have requested the waitress to cut them into half for the ease of sharing. The attentive waitress confirmed with me whether I have taken photo or not before bringing them away. However, the yam ball was mediocre though.

Rainbow Sushi (RM 8.80) would be the fruit version of Vietnam popiah. Batonnet cutted apple and papaya wrapped within salad vege and rice paper, topped with sesame. The cheerfulness of the colorful tone almost killed me. I have confirmed with the waitress that they had sprinkled lemon juice to this sushi roll to make it very refreshing.

Detox Juice (RM 9.80) for those have constipation issue. It blended from the ingredients of beet root, green apple, pineapple, peers and cucumber. The taste may be a little complicated to describe but it was a healthy drink.

Pumpkin with Bali, natural sweetness from the essence of pumpkin.

Simple interior decoration with around 10 tables. 
Their Facebook page refer here.

Green Garden Vegetarian & Healthy Food 绿苑生机养生素食餐厅
8, Persiaran Mahsuri 2, Taman Sunway Tunas, Bayan Lepas,11900 Penang, Malaysia
+6012-489 0508/012-911 7508
Operation Hours: 11am-9pm (Closed on Monday)
Parking: Parking lot
Payment Option: Cash

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