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Genève short trip-> Foods Part

After viewed my Geneva attraction part from here, I am gonna share some of the foods that we had. Most of the restaurant we entered just randomly picked after scanned through their menu. I sorry if some of the dishes I con't remember their names.

Such a huge pizza-> Pizza Romana (CHF 20). The pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella & Italian raw ham. I think this was the best food I had in Genève. The pizza was great to eat with chili oil.

Oily chili

Huge bowl of Aux Fruits De Mer (CHF 20.50), the spaghetti came with generous portion of seafood.

The front view of this great La Roman Pizzeria Grill Restaurant. You may refer their website here.
Address: 37, rue de Vermont, 1202 Genève
Operation hours: Mon-Fri 8am-12am, Sat 7pm-1am, Sun closed

Carbonara (CHF 15.90) with penne, bacon cream, fresh cream, fresh eggs. I added on Parmesan with extra CHF 0.50. Penne as my pasta was a horrible choice. I hardly able to finish this plate.

Bolognese (CHF 15.50) with 100% fresh beef, home made tomato sauce with carrot & fresh parsley. These two dishes were from Pasta Prima which just few shop away from Starbucks. You can pick your own ingredients and sauces, and let the chef do the rest. You may refer their info here.
Pasta Prima
Address: 24, rue du Mont Blanc, 1201 Genève
Operational hours: Mon-Fri 8am-11pm, Sat-Sun 10am-11pm

Cuppucino (CHF 4.50) & Lait Chaud aka Hot Milk (CHF 3.00)

Franky's crepe with spinach, cheese, chicken & creme. Taste pretty good but just not sufficient for dinner. A little overpriced though.

The interior design was kind of between modernity and tradition. The stone wall, wooden chairs, candles and lots more tiny little decoration on the wall and shelf made the restaurant a great photo shooting spot. In fact, I love the ambiance more than the food.
Creperie des Paquis
Address: 6, rue de Zurich, 1201 Genève
Operation hours: Mon-Fri 11am-1.30pm & 6.30pm-9.30pm; Sat 6.30pm-10pm, Sun 11.30am-2.30pm & 6.30pm-9pm 

Fillet Dorade (CHF 33), the fillet was very fresh. The whole dishes was perfect.

Coffee for CHF 3.50 while breads for CHF 4.80. Among the five breads, only one which was soft to bite. The rest just too hard for our Asian's teeth. You may refer their website here while Facebook page here.
Restaurant Les 5 Portes
Address: 8, rue de Zurich, 1201 Genève
Operation hours: Mon 5pm-12am, Tue-Fri 9am-2am, Sat 2pm-2am, Sun 11.30am-11pm

Kebab is one the famous Eastern Cuisine in Geneva where you will see lots of restaurant selling this. We had this authentic and great kebabs at Al Amir Restaurant. The waiters was very friendly and helpful on recommending us. I am sorry that I forgot the name of these dishes.
Address: rue de Berne 22, 1201 Genève

Steaks (CHF 25) with added on Nacho Chips (CHF 9). The feedback from Uncle Potato was that the steaks really good.

Cigarette machine. How convenience!

The steak was from McPickWick, the oldest English pub in Switzerland. They provides giant screens for people to enjoy football matches. You may refer their website here.
Address: 80 rue de Lausanne, 1202 Genève
Operation hours: 10am-2am (Daily)

Choucroute du Centre (CHF 35), sour vege with bacon, potato, pork leg, huge sausage and ham longeole (the Geneva sausage) Arghh! The whole dishes was so great. The sausage was so chewy and tender, so as the pork leg. However, I wasn't a fans of the sour vege. This dish definitely too much for an Asian to finish.

Salade de chèvre frais aux figues (CHF 28), goat cheese salad with fresh figs, honey vinaigrette and raspberry vinegar. The goat cheese was superb! The rich cheese combined with raspberry was perfect, and wrapped inside crunchy dumpling skin. Too bad, I just don't appreciate the vinegar salad.

Cafe du Centre was famous for fresh seafood, you will see it displayed in front the shop which also the reason why we were attracted to try out this fine dining restaurant. Snail can be one of your option as I saw many local people ordered it. Their service was really good. 

Remarks: Their tap water  in the glass bottle with blue label, which you saw on the left hand side of picture cost CHF 10. The most expensive tap water we ever had.
Address: 5, Place du Molard, 1204 Genève
Operation hours: Mon 6am to 12am, Tues-Fri 6am-12am, Sat 9am-1pm, Sun 9am-12am

How can I missed out Starbucks in  Genève?! Espresso Brownie and Raspberry White Chocolate Cheese Cake (CHF 5.90 each). This brownie was more towards the dry type and really delicious! I love the cheese cake very much, I guess Swiss cheese is always nice huh?! 
Genève's Starbuck page refer here.
Address: rue de Mont-Blanv 26, 1201 Genève
Operation hours: 7am-10pm (Daily)

Saumon Plancha (CHF 30), the grilled salmon came with very scrumptious beans. The salmon was so juicy and flaky.

Homeade Grilled Lamb Sausage (CHF 15.50). Surprisingly I found it very delicious ate with the special reddish sauce and the julienne green leaf. I suspected it was basil.

Grilled Calamari a la Plancha (CHF 15), this smoking grilled squids with fresh lemon juice squeezed over it. This small bowl was just not enough for the night. 

These awesome foods were from Carnivor du Centre. This restaurant has been there since year 1976. As the name say, this restaurant serves very carnivore food. Another specialty of this restaurant would be they have many different theme of rooms such as Cave. Their website refer here.
Address: 11, rue Neuve Molard, 1204 Genève
Operation hours: 7pm-12.30pm

I am not gonna describe much on these dishes as they are from the Novae Restaurant in International Telecommunication Union (ITU). ITU or UIT has 3 restaurants inside the buildings, all are called Novae, great ambience and awesome foods. I am afraid outsider can't access it that is why I felt so honors to have the chance to try it.
Address: Place des Nations, 1211 Genève 

Chocolates, Swiss knife, pretzels, nuts, dried fruits, oranges and junk foods to be brought home. I seriously think their fruits very fresh, sweet and juicy. Most probably due to their cold weather.

Photos credited to Uncle Potato.



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