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[Genève] short trip-> Attraction Part

This Geneva's trip happened almost like one year ago, at the early of December, thus my memories was in pieces though.
However, I am gonna share some of the places I have visited. I will try my best to capture down the details in this post.

Geneva is the second popular city in Switzerland after Zurich and it's a French-speaking city. Thus, brush up little bit of basic french words is a must especially on food, some of their food menu in french. Bonjour to greet them good day while merci to thanks.

I took KLM Royal Dutch Airline from Kuala Lumpur to Armsterdam, then transit to Geneva. The whole journey took me about 15 hours. Overall, KLM service and food kinda good.

I stayed at Hotel Kipling which under Manotel Group. Standard room's  includes buffet breakfast and WiFi cost me around 330 CHF. Their breakfast quite nice and variety, too bad their breakfast's menu was the same everyday.
Address: rue de la Navigation 27, CH-1201, Genève
Tel: +41 (0) 22 544 4040, Fax: +41(0)22 544 4099
Website link here.

Kipling hotel provided me free Transportation Card which allow me to take Tram as many times as I want during my stay. So convenience! I love the service of tram, very convenience and always on time. Geneva's town kinda small, so I can just travel around the city with Tram, a piece of map and my No. 11 bus-> foot.

Geneva prominent large and tall water fountain shooting out from Lake Geneva-> Jet d'Eau.
Address: Quai Gustave-Ador, Jetee des Eaux-Vives, Geneva 1207, Switzerland

Nice waterfront park for brisk walking and jogging.

Another Geneva's landmark-> Flower clock. I assumed due to winter so the flower wasn't blossom.
Address: Quai du General-Guisan, Jardin Anglais, 1204 Genève 1204

Great scene of Le Saleve aka the Balcony of Geneva covered with snow. Beautiful!

Lots of stalls selling unique stuff @ Rue de Mont-Blanc where Starbucks is situated. However, I suspect some of the stuff was imported from China or Japan.

Pretty lake.

Cathédrale de St Pierre
Address: 24 place du Bourg de Four, 1204 Genève
Operation hours: Jun-Sep, Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 11am-7pm; Oct-May, Mon-Sat 10am-noon & 2pm-5pm, Sun 11am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-5pm

Beautiful night view @ Rue du Rhone 35. Inside this picture is Cartier, the jewelry manufacture & watch maker.

Since it was almost Christmas, a group of choir was singing in front the Church.

 The main Christmas tree at downtown of Geneva

Lee Musee Rath @ Place de Neuve.

Palais des Nations, the United Nation Office @ Avenue de la Paix.
Operational hours: Mon-Fri, Apr-Oct 10 am - noon & 2pm-4pm, July-Aug 10am-5pm. The rest of the year  opens Mon-Fri 10am-noon & 2pm-4pm (except for Christmas period)

The 39 feet tall Broken Chair which used up 5.5 tons of wood installed just in front the United Nation Office since year 2007. I felt myself so tiny standing beside this huge chair.

Heavy snow on my last day stay, thick snow built up in just few hours. Great snowy white scenery but damn freezing cold. The temperature was about 0 °C. I can't feel my hand if without glove. Most of the flight delayed on that day, my flight which on the next day was lucky to be on schedule.
Due to heavy snow, most of the employees were allowed to go home after lunch. Genève usually hot during mid of the year, and cold at the end until the beginning of the year. Temperature fluctuate approximately from the highest 27°C to the lowest -2°C.

One thing I love best of Geneva was that lots of unique species of dogs spotted on the street and even inside the tram. I even saw a tiny dog hide inside stroller. So cute! As a dog lover, I was totally crazy over them and quickly snap pictures.

Remarks: Geneva is famous for watch, swiss knife and chocolate. Lindt chocolate is my favorite.
Pictures credited to Uncle Potato.

Geneva food steps refer here.


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