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Escape Adventure Themepark @ Teluk Bahang, Penang

It was an exciting day because we were going to be adventurous!

Lets escape from all the worries and burdens we have, just for today!

Arghh! Why rain early in the morning?! But this didn't stop us!

Level 1 for beginner, Fit & Sexy for Level 2 (wheewit!), Level 3 for tough nuts. Usually, girl only able to go until level 2 while level 3 mostly conquered by guy. I bet this is how 'tough nuts' came from. You know what I means. ^,<

Gecko Tower, wooden climbing tower that employed auto-belay system. We can choose our own path and there are counters on top to count the time taken for you to reach the top.

The exciting Flying Lemur which consists 4 zip-lines and its 139m across the ravine. The longest zip-line in the region. It was so fun that made us played it twice. 
Tips: All you have to do were just to take your first leap.

Go Ape with 3 levels available.

Some of the exciting challenges for Monkey Business, Level 1.

The view of of Monkey Business from Level 2, admire those guys able to make their ways to the end point at Level 3. By the way, Level 2 was much more tougher comparing Level 1.

Wuhoo! Atan's Leap. I was so steady while queuing up for my turn. When my turn came, I started to nervous while climbing up the tower. After I reach the top, then I saw the ground through the holes from the platform and only I realize this tower is tall man! I began to scare. Whats made me more nervous was that they played the counting down music for me to leap. I paused there and gathered my courage to make my move. It turned out to be awesome!

After that, we headed for Balance Beam, too bad I left out the picture.

Tarzan's rope, it was a relaxing game. Just let myself swing back and forth until it stop.

The tough part would be fetching the rope thrown by the blue shirt guy. Required some arm strength to pull my body over to the right hand side.

The toughest games of all, Coco Climb! Tree climbing where you use a strong cloth to pull yourself up by catching up progressively. Not much people can do this.

Nice wall painting

Food court for you to recharge before you be adventurous again. Personal water bottle was disallowed in Escape. You may buy water there or enjoy their free flow of plain water.

Penang still has plenty of undeveloped land.

You may refer their website here.

Escape Adventure Themepark
Jalen Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia
+604-881 1106
Operation hours: 9am-6pm
Landmark: Butterfly farm



  1. Hey Ms. Tan,
    I think you meant "Teluk Bahang" =)

    1. Thanks Raden for noticing that. By the way my surname wasn't Tan. You may call me Shirleen. ^^