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Yi Cheng Steamboat Restaurant @ Setia Alam, Selangor

Think of steamboat..sure think of those gravy soup or Tomyam soup with fish balls, meat ball and hot dog dipped in it, right? To prevent us from getting bored of those balls, now they add in BBQ. However, people still get bore over it and now they started to love smoking Korean BBQ. So..

Now, I am gonna share you a place where you can find native way of having steamboat with great & special ingredients. Ya! only steamboat. No BBQ! The Klang's style steamboat.

Tada! Yi Cheng Steamboat @ Setia Alam.

 2 sets of ingredients (RM 13.80/set)  for 2 persons with add on of Stuffed meatballs (RM 5.00) & Pork Slices (RM 12.00). We had two kind of soups which were Plain & Tomyam Soup. 
For drinks, we ordered Chinese Tea (RM 0.50).

Now, I am gonna show you how their ingredients stand out .

The star of the day->Pork Slices. Very thin right? Amazed by how the sifu cut them. Just boiled them in the soup in a minute, then served it with their nice spicy sambal!

Great Beancurd Sticks soaked in tomyam.

Delicious Dumplings with stuffy filing.

Super Q Fish Ball.

Fish Noodle. Pretty rare to find this in steamboat. Nice huh?

Fish roll

Fish fillet

Meat Ball

Vegetable Roll. I found their ingredient pretty special and doesn't make me bored throughout the meal. 

Yam. Yeah, no typo here. This is yam. So surprise to have yam for steamboat. The result was good!

Another star of the day->scrumptious Stuffed Meat Ball. You not gonna find this in the set so you got to make extra order. Super duper nice. Be careful on your first bite, its juice might spit out and even burn your lips. Bite it gently like how you threat a girl. ^,<

Fish Fillet

Remember the set come with Mee Hun, Died Yee Mee & Eggs? Take these after you finish all the balls. Throw all the mee inside the soup, then only throw the egg inside. 
Then, enjoy the remaining sweet and gravy soups with your mee!

Don underestimate them by seeing such a small portion for two. It would end up very stuffy in the end. We can't even finish those noodles and just pick the eggs to finish.

You may refer their Facebook page here.

Yi Cheng Steamboat Restaurant
11-1-2, Jln Setia Prima U13/d
Setia Alam. 40170 Selangor
+016-3200 754/794
Landmarks: Near Balai Police Komuniti U13 Setia Alam , Setia Alam night market on Saturday