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Raja Uda Kwang Hwa Tomyam, Penang

Remember the Tomyam I used eat that I shared it 2 years back @ here, Recently, I went and try again.

Pick my own ingredients.

Passed it to aunty and cooked them with maggie tomyam.

Voila! Supper was served just a short while. This is the first time I got my tomyam that quick. Usually I need to wait until I finish my drink and need to order the second one.

Another version of tomyam with different ingredients. I felt the Tomyam has too much artificial sweetness and Tomyam's taste wasn't strong enough to my liking. A little too Ajinomoto. I felt super tasty afterwards everytime I eat.

Ordered 932 to cold down such heaty supper. Yeah, trust me! Just tell the boss you wan 932. They know what to do. Try this out ^,<

All these cost us RM 24.00! This is definitely overpriced! I used to have a bowl of Tomyam with RM 7. Never over RM 10!

I couldn't find his signboard so hereby attach the photo of their shop which located under UM tuition center. I went on weekday so the shop was not really crowded.

Kwang Hwa Tomyam
Beside SRJK Kwang Hwa
13700 Penang
+6012-479 0283
6.30p,-3am (Closed on Tuesday)


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