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[Hatyai] Night Market @ Thailand

One of the must have night activity in Hat Yai-> Food hunt @ Night market.
They are situated near Lee Garden Plaza. By the way, we visited this night market twice. (#^^#)
Too many great food there!

The famous fresh water prawn, Udang Galah really big. Looks like big heat prawn to me. Fried drumstick, chicken wing and little bird. Eww!

Woot! What are these oysters for?

Oh! Fried Oyster aka Ohh Jian (100 baht).

Cryspy type, taste better by pouring the sweet and sour sauce all over the pancake. Surprised to find sprouts underneath. Overall taste just fine.

Aha! Tom Yam Kung (100 baht)!

Aunty cooked bowl by bowl with passion.

The scrumptious smoking hot red Tom Yam Kung with prawn, fish ball, abalone mushroom and koay teow.

This was their Koay Teow. Such a slim koay teow, even slimmer than hor fun.

I can see many of these dessert stall along the street at night. Even the same road can have like 4 stalls selling the same dessert!

Bird nest with ginkgo (50 baht). Pretty plain and wasn't too sweet. The soup was jelly kind. Overall taste quite good.

Another must try mango glutinous rice (50 baht). Fresh mango and scented Thailand glutinous rice with coconut milk poured over it. Super duper nice!

There are many stalls selling mango glutinous rice. However, the one I tried situated opposite Pink Lady Complex.
We went in the complex and found only sexily dressed lady singing on the stage. However, I noticed plenty of girls sitting in front. Should be waiting for horny uncle right?

Panaromic view of the night market at the mango glutinous rice's stall.

Although the guava's skin looks alike Malaysia's guava but the flesh was different. See..looks like apple!

Aww! This guava was super sweet! Adding on the provided salt made it taste even better. It seem to neutralize the guava's sweetness.

Made a try with their crab meat dumpling noodle (50 baht). The brothy soup although plain but has the natural sweet and gravy taste stewed from some kind of meat or bone. I can't help myself kept drinking the soup and it wasn't ajinomoto at all. The crab meat was shell-less. I noticed their dumpling skin very yellowish. Too much colouring and the dumpling was't impressive though.

Spotted Ginkgo Tau Hua Ginger dessert (50 baht). Surprised to find these 3 stuffs mix perfectly together. The ginger tea extracted from old ginger and the ginger taste was very strong. I love it! Good for airy stomach!

Cruel human brought this little elephant to night market in order to persuade tourist buy sugar cane to feed the elephant. The elephant attempted to walk away just a little bit, the elephant keeper pulled the elephant's hair and the elephant cried in pain. Please! Don't support them to continue this kind of cold-hearted business.

Signature sawadee cup McDonald in Lee Garden Plaza.

McBubble Drink?! Okay..Something new.

Pearl Milk Tea Float with Ovaltine (39 baht), tasted quite good. Love the float because it is the McD signature smooth sundae ice cream. Actually, we went in to relax and steal wifi but returned with disappointment because no wifi provided. TT

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