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Nasi Kandar Nasmir @ Jelutong, Penang

Penang is famous for mamak, the Indian-Muslim cuisine. They usually open 24/7. Thus, mamak is always the first thing come to mind to solve my hunger during midnight. (#>.<#)

On my measure, Maggie Goreng (RM 3.50) from Nasmir is the best that I have ever tasted in Penang. No offence to those mamak stalls which I haven tried. Their maggie goreng was more towards moisture and sticky kind of gravy soy sauce taste. With chili, chicken and veggie added on, the whole dish was so great to give me a sound sleep tonight.

March 10, 2014 Update: The maggie goreng was a little disappointed after 3 attempts.

Maggie Goreng Mamak (RM 3.50). Although the appearance looks enticing, sad to say that it kind of tasteless. Could be the worst maggie goreng we have ever tried.

Roti Pisang (RM 2.00) was nice even though I just eat it on it's own. The banana was sweet and wasn't too soft while the roti skin remains crunchy. Ate it with curry was best too.

Nasmir which founded in year 2000 has 13 branches scattered across Perak, Kedah & Penang now. However, the one and only Nasmir's outlet in Penang Island is situated @ Vantage Point, Jelutong since year 2002.
You can enjoy your meal at air-conditioner ambiance on second floor without extra charges.

The camera-sensitive maggie goreng's chef ^,<

May 21th, 2014 Update: Black chicken, fried egg with kuah campur costed us RM 7.50, however it was disappointed as the curry doesn't give me the 'kick' nor appetizing.

Nasmir Nasi Kandar Restaurant
293, Vantage Point, Jalan Lenggong
Jelutong, 11600, Penang, Malaysia
Landmarks: KFC, Ban Hin Bee


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