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Moustache Houz @ Campbell Street, Penang

Newly open themed cafe-> Moustache Houze which famous for their flavoursome ice cube drinks.

Look for this signage along the heritage buildings at Campbell Street.


Old house converted into cozy, warm and modern cafe. The cafe design is in long shape and consist of 2 floors. 

Strategic mirror that made a great reflection on their creative wall piping.

Old school's  black board with menu written on it.

Cute cup on the ordering desk.

Swing chair. Just a design, the chair is actually fixed to the floor but you still can enjoy little swing when you sit on it.

Trio Crepe Cake, consist of 3 layers: White chocolate, chocolate & dark chocolate. I personally think the chocolate flavour doesn't really stand out. I hardly can feel that 3 different kinds of chocolate in my mouth.

Strawberry Crepe Cake. I am not a fans of strawberry but this turned out to be quite good. The cream between the layers of crepe taste like fresh strawberry jam but didn't cause a distasteful feel.

The best among three: the spectacular Chocolate Walnut Cake. I really love the moist sticky chocolate with the nutty taste of walnut. Super love this one!

Table loaded with our orders. Hiak hiak!

Kiwi Ice cubed made from fresh kiwi, and fizzy soda (RM 10.90).

Bubbly pineapple ice cube drenched in chill soda (RM 10.90). When the soda was poured into the cup, the gas in the soda created this bubbly form. Looks chilling right? The pineapple ice cubes slowly melted and the scent of the pineapple infused into the soda.

Luckily the ice cubed Espresso (RM 12.90) was not served with soda but milk instead. We wanted to try their chocolate ice cubed with milk (RM 12.90) but sold out.

Taste like coffee but with coffee ice cube in it. Ahaha

Pineapple, watermelon & kiwi made up really good colour combination. Overall, I like their theme and the creativity of the flavourful ice cube but they are over priced for me. Still have room for improvement.

Before we leave Campbell Street, snapped this greet evening scene as memory.

You may refer their Facebook page here.

Moustache Houze
No. 24 Campbell Street
10100 George Town, Penang
+604-262 2228
Operation Hours: 
Mon-Thurs: 4.30pm-10pm
Fri: 4.30pm-12am
Sat: 12pm-12am
Sun: 12pm-10pm


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