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Mee Sotong @ Esplanade, Penang

I think the first time I tried this Mee Sotong was about 10 years ago?!
Hameed 'Pata' stall has been there since 1978. What?! I was not even born yet. 
I still remember the first time I tried, I had complaint it was so spicy and I couldn't even finish the whole plate. I was not a good spicy eater back then until I meet mystery man. Today, I am a chili addict now. Therefore, a piece of advice, be careful who you hang along. ^,<

Do you feel scared by looking at this reddish spicy outlooks of this Mee Sotong (RM 4.00)? Before you eat, squeeze the lime evenly and stir your noodle. Be prepare and don be cheated by your first scoop. As I ate along, my tongue started to feel numb and my lips looked like a sausage. Until now, this Mee Sotong remain spicy to me and it's so torturing to have it during the hot day. Anyway, this great dish has squids, sprouts, potatoes and egg inside. After so many years, this mee sotong still never disappoint me.

Hameed 'Pata' signage, price range RM 4.00 to RM 6.00.

They have Bihun Goreng and Mee Rebus. By looking at the volume of yellow mee in the stall, I guess mee is the best seller. I saw the assistance kept refilling the mee.

Wow, this tourist was using DSLR shooting the Chef's sexy back. My humble samsung S3 should just stand behind and take a snapshoot will do.

Such spicy mee sotong should ate along with the famous bubbly Coconut Shake. Fresh coconut water with fresh coconut flesh and vanila ice cream. One cup is just not enough! After Hatyai's trip, I am thinking if they replace the vanilla ice with coconut ice cream, then it would be perfect.

This luscious coconut shake came from Jalil's stall which just next to Hameed 'Pata' stall. They have cendol, milk shake, ice kacang and coconut juice too.

This great Kota Selera situated at Padang Kota Lama aka Esplanade, next to Fort Cornwallis. You can enjoy the Penang's great sea view across the street. Ignore my eye closing in this picture. 

Hameed 'Pata' Mee Sotong
Kota Selera
Padang Kota Lama
10200 Penang
Operation hours: 12pm-8pm (Closed on Sunday)
Landmarks: Fort Cornwallis, Majlis Perbadanan Pulau Pinang



  1. The waiting time can sometimes be very slow. :-)

  2. I tried the mee sotong without chili. Its quite nice and I enjoyed it (I'm not into spicy food as well)

    1. Oh how does it looks without chili? Hehe I am spicy lover, no spicy no fun. hehe