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Little Thailand Tom Yam 酸到你 @Raja Uda Tom Yam, Penang

Raja Uda just famous for Tom Yam. However, Tom Yam from Little Thailand is more towards the sour side, and you can tune your soup's sourness with fresh lemon juice.

Amazed by its enticing outlook right? Its spicy and sour level seem to found a balance between each other. This huge bowl of Tom yam with one person's portion of noodle including 4 cups of drink cost us RM 16.00. cheap right?
The must have ingredients: fried fish, abalone slice, abalone mushroom, fish cake and seaweed.

Malak Tomyam Mee 麻辣东炎面 (RM 14.00), I personally felt this spicy level is the best among the other malak option. It still burnt my lips but without loosing the decent taste Tom Yam. However, I still prefer the original Tom Yam more.

Smoking hot Super Malak Tom Yam Mee 超级麻辣东炎面 (RM 14.00). It's soup has been taken over by the concentrated chili paste and thus loosen the essence of Tam Yam. Of course! It was extremely spicy! My tongue numb after few sipped. We can only finished the noodle and the ingredients and absolutely don't have the guts taking another sip for the soup.

I just can't imagine the level of spiciness for the next two higher levels of Malak. Pheww (>.<)!

As I have mentioned, fresh lemon juice has been readied on each table. My way of having it was taking one spoon of noodle, squeeze a little bit of lemon over it. I like the lemon scent floating in the Tom yam. What a brilliant idea to have lemon added in to Tom Yam!

Look for this signage. The 酸到你 signage pretty obvious beside the road. 

Drooling ingredients to be picked for your Tom Yam. 
Noodle options: Cintan Instant Noodle, Yellow Noodle, Koay Teow, Think Mee Hun, Thin Mee Hun
They sell Tom Yam porridge, Tom yam dry noodle, Tom yam Yun Yoong too. I just realized they have so many level of Tom Yam's Spiciness: Ma Lak, Super Ma Lak, Super Duper Ma Lak and Bloody Hell Ma Lak

Little Thailand Tom Yam 酸到你
Near Jalan Angerrik, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Penang,Malaysia
Sun-Thurs: 7pm-1pm
Fri & Sat: 7pm-2pm
Wed: Closed

Saw this huge stall selling You Tiao! Lets go grab some snack, heavy one. (#^^#)

They sell You Tiao 油条, Butterfly Bun 马脚, Mixed Bun 夹粽 & Salty Fried Bun 咸煎饼. Making in the process while selling. All of them are freshly fried. They usually close around 10 pm

We were attracted to the constant loaded of customer in front Homemade BB Hamburger stall which just next to Little Thailand's tall. The burger sauce aroma kept intrigued us to check it out. Fine, we surrendered!

We were surprised to find Pork Burger (RM 4.60) selling there. We didn't expected the burger to be that big size, about the size of Pos Burger. Slurrpy pork fillet wrapped within thin layer of egg, and it was perfected with the gravy sauce. My only complain would be too much red onion sandwiched between the burger. Thus, created a slight bitter after taste.

Hot Dog Jumbo with egg (RM 5.40). So shocked to find the hot dog that long! I don't think I can finish this if I was to eat it myself. We really like the hotdog along with its gravy sauce. Alas, too much red onion, we have to use chopsticks filtered them away. Since then the every next time we order, we always request for less onion .

Homemade BB Pork Burger @ Raja Uda
Next to Little Thailand Tom Yam's stall
Operation hours: 7 pm-12.30 am, & Sat 7 pm-1.30 am (Close on alternate Saturday)

End the night with 豆母公 @ Raja Uda too. We was lucky as it is 1st day of the lunar month. The whole temple light up with beautiful lights.

Awesome door with such detailed carving.

Dragons are everywhere with 火龙吐珠 on top of the building.

九皇爷 is consecrated in this sacred temple. The structure of the temple looks like imperial palace. 


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