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[HATYAI] Klong Hae Floating Market + Tiger Show @ Thailand

Tuk tuk tuk to next destination-> Klong Hae Floating Market

Great evening view with Taj Mahal like mosque beside the highway.

Felt wonderful that Thailand still keeping this Tuk Tuk service. So nice to enjoy the breezing air along the journey.

Here I am at the floating market, amazed by the traditional sampan business culture.

They used basket to hand over the food and we paid by putting the money back into basket. I strongly recommend you all try their keropok lekor. Very crunchy!

Have a bite with their fried fish eggs (20 baht) which served in sampan shape banana leaf. Great food presentation I would say.

ShirleenT: Is the cup free? 
Little Girl Tauke: Yes, small one 20 baht, big one 30 baht.

Okay, I got the small cup with lemon juice. Nice!

Spotted this enticing BBQ Chicken (20 baht) so we made a try. It turned out to be really nice. The chicken was marinated in their special BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce was fully soak into the chicken flesh.

Made a try with their seafood. This squid tasted just fine but I love the greenish chilli sauce poured over the squid.

Prawn (20 baht), the orangey colour of the prawn looks kind of fake to me and tasted okay to my liking. Love the chilli sauce again.

By the way, Thailand's driving skill was so horrible that they speed up real fast and step the break very harsh and sudden. I tried so hard to get these clear food picture inside Tuk Tuk. Phew!!

Lots of stall on the land selling variety of food. Kind of bazaar like.

Floating Market operation time: Friday-Sunday (3-9pm)
I strongly recommend you go at 5pm.

We wanted to try out Thailand's white tomyam so asked the local tour aunty recommend us. I am sorry that I dono the restaurant's english name but it's chinese name is 甘美饭店.

Opposite the shop has this 广莲洞 temple. You can take this as landmark.

The only drink that tauke mentioned which attracted me was this Guava drink. How come I felt this bottle looks like battery water's bottle huh?! I noticed their plain water was sold in similar bottle along the street too. We couldn't finish it so tauke helped us transfer to another bottle for us to take away. I found Hat Yai-nese very nice.

Sour and little spicy white Tom Yam with fish, squids, prawns and mushrooms inside. Love this although I prefer red Tom Yam more. This restaurant offers lots of dishes with home cook feels.

Tiger Show @ strip club Hawaii. Saw plenty of people queue up for ticket. We were lucky to have aunty bought the tickets for us.

Sexy opening of the show. Sorry, no picture for the rest of the show. XD 

Tiger show showtime: 8-9pm, 9.30-10.30pm

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  1. Great review, Shirleen :) I freelance for travel magazines and am heading for Hat Yai this weekend... you're way better than Trip Advisor, good job & nice photos !

    Best regards,
    Paula T,

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Paula. I hope this post would be helpful to you. Wish you have a great weekend!

  2. Can i know the tiger show locate at whr and how much the ticket fee? =)

    1. Hi Yue Xiang, the tiger show cost us 600 baht/pax. I am not sure where it is located but definitely in town and can be reach by foot. We were brought by the tour guide aunty from the shop just opposite Tune Hotel. She offered us one day tour when we were about to catch a tuk tuk. I believe you can ask hotel or Tuk Tuk where is Hawaii Tiger show.

    2. It's actually called "Thai Girl Show" but because most of the Thais pronounce it wrongly, it sounded like Tiger Show and we Malaysians thought it is indeed called Tiger Show! By the way, you can get a cheaper rate for the entrance. :)

    3. Hi Matt, that's interesting! Just realize so many of us pronounced it wrongly. How cheap would the entrance ticket be? That Aunty has discounted 100baht for us actually.

  3. I have been trying to 'educate' people especially my friends that Tiger Show means real show of TIGER(S) and not girls! I enquired recently, that was from someone I met and the price quoted was 500 Baht. I believe it could be cheaper but because I am not interested in this kind of shows, so I don't really care. :)

    1. Oh I see. Thanks for your sharing anyway. Ya, I am not interested on it either. Just watch it out of curiosity. ^^

  4. Shirley... what will u recommend for affordable shopping spree?

    1. Hi Julie, I think Lee Garden Plaza and Kim Yong market would be great for shopping spree. Lee Garden would have be on higher price side but Kim Yong would be affordable. I believe there are more option still. Do let me know after you found other great place. ^^

  5. may i know the show is worth to watch ??

    1. Did you watch Thai Girl Show before? If no I think it would be worth for watching. hehe