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[HATYAI] Kim Yong Market @ Thailand

Food hunt again at the famous Kim Yong Market. They opened early in the morning and the afternoon.
Operation hours: 6am-6pm.
However, the outdoor hawker stalls might not be the same for the morning and afternoon session.

This is the outdoor park of Kim Yong Market.

In the morning, plenty of fish, chicken, vege and dried ingredient stall there but you wouldn't find it in the noon. Besides, a lot more snacks and foods available in the morning.
Spotted their jackfruit very big in the second photo on the left.

This is the indoor part of Kim Yong market where you find clothes, bags, shoes, nuts, fruits, and dry ingredients. You sure wonder, hey this is outdoor! Ahaha ya, the building behind me is where you will find indoor Kim Yong market.

Smoking hot chestnuts.

Bought the 250 baht 1 kg chestnut but aunty charged me 200 baht only. Pretty big packets and we spent two days to finish it. Ahaha!

Charcoal grilled banana?!

4 sticks of these for 20 baht. This grilled banana was poured with coconut milk. Very nice!

Grilled potato (20 baht) with coconut milk. Very special!

Tried out their curry mee (70 baht). Tasted okay only. It is just a dishes where by adding their koay teow inside the chicken curry.

Thanks to lovely Cheryl, eventually I got this fruit's name right, Thailand Pomegranate  for 20 baht. I saw it's sold everywhere in the market. The internal appear to be pretty disgusting. The small small piece of seeds inside are edible. Luckily, I just bought one because I not really enjoy biting so many seeds. I felt like it will never be digested in my stomach.

Thin coconut waffle wrapping the coconut flesh inside.

Coconut waffle. Pretty thin and delicious. Two pieces for 17 baht.

I think the worst food I had during this trip was this Fried Koay Kark (25 baht). The koay kark was sour and taste weird. Uncle should cut it into smaller pieces. Luckily he provided us chilli sauce to pour over it, then only we can finished it.

Had a morning tea at this dodgy old fashion shop.

We had the vege fried pink kuih and the pyramid shape kuih for 20 baht. Taste very good!

The best food at Kim Yong market was this fried rice stall! We went there around 3pm.

Chilli Fried Rice with Egg (50 baht). Simple chilli fried rice can be so great! Every bite was the best enjoyment in life. I strongly recommend you all visit this stall whenever you visit Kim Yong Market. Uncle was very nice and helpful. We consulted uncle that where can we get the glutinous rice to bring back home, he kindly lead us the way to the shop located at the same road. Hatyai-nese are really kind hearted!

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  1. Oh it looks like pomegranate to me. :)

    1. Thanks Cheryl, you just found me the right name for this fruit. ^^