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Ju Heng Tom Yam @ Raja Uda, Penang

What differ Ju Heng Tom Yam from the rest at Raja Uda would be their scrumptious fish fillet. I have yet to find any that is better than their. They have two big kuali in front their shop just to fried their fish fillet to cater the needs.


I find their Tom Yam broth posses natural sweetness and wasn't spicy at all. The best way to enjoy their Tom Yam is by adding chili padi into the soup just after it was sent to your table. Let the chili scent soak into your soup, then only enjoy your tingling noodle. You can get those chilies from the ordering station. This bowl cost the damage of RM 8.00. Later on, we found mee hun Tom Yam tasted equally good too!

Tom Yam Porridge is the noteworthy dish that one shall not miss. It was totally different comparing to the original Tom Yam noodle. Chilies was added into the porridge by the time it was sent to our table. It was so gratifying that I find it hard to describe. Porridge can be stuffing for one person to finish it especially during supper time. You may get extra chili, ginger, chilli oil and pepper from the ordering station too. 
Note: Porridge finish very early and sometime before 8pm. Do call over to make sure first if porridge is your main goal.

If you yearning for something plain, they have the option of broth soup too. We opted with mee hun and surprisingly nice with a lot of chili padi added on. It's broth was thick and redolent. Worth to mention, their Longan drink remains sapid every time I order.

Pick your own preference ingredients, gave it to them by telling your noodle and soup option. First, chef cooked the noodle with boiling water. Then, he thrown the noodle along with your self pick ingredients into a small stockpot, add on Tom Yam & plain soup. In a few minutes, my Tom Yam is readied. 

Their Longan drink very thick in taste.

You may go from Penang Island using ferry, it helps you save petrol. At the meant time you can enjoy Penang's nice night scenery and the chilling wind.

Ju Heng Restaurant
Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang
+6019-466 9009
Business Hour: 6.30pm-3.00am (Close on Tuesday)
Landmark: Near 斗母宫 Chinese Temple


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  1. Very salty and lousy food in this shop! The soup is so salty and so sour...I wouldn’t recommend to eat there.
    So many nice Tom Yum shop along Jalan Raja Uda...one near Kwang Hwa School and another near Public Bank are much nicer n got varieties!