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[HATYAI] Ice Dome + Municipal Park @ Thailand

Spent 4 hours van ride from Penang to Hatyai. Phew!
So hungry! Lets grab something first.

We picked this humble coffee shop randomly. It doesn't have shop name so I just share the shop's picture for your reference.

I noticed lots of people  always go for chicken rice when they visit Hatyai. I was gonna find out what so special on it. The chicken didn't look appealing either when hanging at the stall or when it was served especially the chicken doesn't have soy sauce poured over it. So, I tried not to expect too much. 
Woot! The chicken was so good! Little bit salty, wasn't over oily and the chicken was juicy and chewy. Amazing! Dipped the chicken with their special soy sauce with chilli plus their aromatic Thailand fragrance rice. Perfect!
Oh ya! Surprised by the aunty speaking Cantonese to us. She said she got the soy sauce from Penang. Ahaha!

I noticed almost all the coffee shop selling Bah Kut Teh. Is Hatyai famous for that?

Lots of ingredient inside. They looks like Zhu Chap 猪什 to me. Inside the soup consist of pork ribs, pork belly, chitterlings, pork minced, tofu puff and Enokitake mushroom. Taste pretty good. 2 dishes cost us 167 bahts.

Randomly picked a Tuk-Tuk in front Tune Hotel to take us to Municipal Park. An aunty suddenly ran across the street and sit beside the driver. We don't mind her but then only realize she was a local tour agent and offered to brought us around. We fell into her trap!! She brought us to Municipal Park, Hatyai Park, Chang Puak Camp, Samila Beach, Khlong Hae Floating Market and Tiger Show for 1500 baht excluding entrance fees.

Here I am in Ice Dome (entrance fees: 250 baht). Ahaha acting strong by not wearing jacket. After this shoot, I quickly put on the provided jacket. Freezing cold until I don't even able to feel my hand! (#^^#)

Remarks: The Ice Dome has since closed down

Amazing detailed ice carving sculpture.

Address: Kanchanawanich Rd. Sub-district Khor Hong, Hatyai, Songkhla, 90110 Thailand.

Tuk Tuk was climbing up to Hat yai park where we can sit cable car to visit Four Face Buddha aka Brahma. Tuk Tuk seem to be exhausted climbing up by looking at so many white smoke released.

Cable car arrived and gonna take us to the other side.

Amazed to see so many elephant sculpture carrying believer's wish. Most of them were gold colour and this makes the temple looks classy.

This tauke must has his dream come true. He burnt such a long firecracker and almost burnt my ear drums.

Excellent 3 heads elephant aka Erawan sculpture.

Spotted this tiny elephant at the side of the stairway.

Great view for the whole Hatyai City. They still have plenty of undeveloped land.

Panaromic view of gold Standing Buddha.

The local tour aunty can speak Hokkien. She was so sensitive to camera while I tried to capture the Tuk Tuk's photo. She kept repeating next, we go see guan yin, sit elephant, floating market then tiger show. So hilarious!

Go through dragon's mouth if you want to see Happy Buddha. You can touch his tongue while climbing up the staircase.

Happy Buddha

Guan Yim Temple just beside the Happy Buddha Temple.

Found these 2 eagles sitting on the branches without thread tied on their leg. Pay if you wan take photo with them.

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  1. 1500Baht for one person or one tut-tut.
    Btw, your blog is so nice. Thank you for those info.:-)

    1. Hi Chong, its 1500 baht for 2 person. Thanks for your compliment. ^^ Are you going to Hatyai anytime soon?

    2. Meaning that the 1500 Baht consist of the tuk tuk ride and the Thai 'Tourist Guide' fee?

    3. Yes, Matt. Excluded all the entrance fees. ^^

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  2. Is she a Licensed Tourist Guide? Not able to see any badge from the photo. Illegal guides in Thailand could be fined 100,000 Baht. Do you know about this?

    1. Ops, I do not know about that. By the way we thought she just tag along to share the Tuk Tuk, after we reach Ice Dome only realize she is actually a tour guide because she just wait us with the Tuk Tuk driver. My guess she should be a legal guide? as she don't mind letting me take her photo.

  3. The badge needs to be clearly visible at all times but for her case, I could not see any. Therefore, I strongly believe she is an illegal guide. Normally licensed tourist guides will receive their tourists at the respective entry points of the country. This is the proper procedure according to the rules and regulations. I know this because I, myself is a licensed tourist guide. :)

    1. Oh! Then must have visited a lot of places! Then I guess this might be illegal as I have never seen any badge on her. Hey Matt, thanks for your valuable sharing. I will be more cautious the next time I look for tour guide. ^^

    2. Planning to make a trip to Hatyai again anytime soon?

    3. Actually for Hatyai, you don't really need a tour guide. It's just one of the requirements if tourists travel in a big group and on the coach. Besides that, traveling free and easy is the best. You can plan your own time without rushing.

    4. Nahh..not going to Hatyai that soon. Ya, we didn't want to get a tour guide either. Happens to have one, so just went with it. It was a great trip as Hatyai is small, we got to walk around and enjoyed some food hunt too.

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