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[HATYAI] Dim Sum + Massage @ Bangkok

Before I travelled to Hat Yai, I googled others' blog to check out where to go and what to eat. Then, I found one of the feedback was that their Dim Sum is different than ours.

Here I am spotted the recommended Dim Sum Shop. They opened in the morning and night.

We went at night. They has variety of choice. You pick your own and they will help you heat it up. Special huh?! All the foods were kept in cold.

Siew Mai and Pao section.

Soy sauce and two kind of chilli available on the table. I preferred the chilli with lighter red colour on the right hand side more. I wonder is the Nestle mineral water complimentary?

First round we had fish cake, siew mai-s,  and char siew pao. We don't know what are the vegetables on the left hand side served for. We ate it our way though which we used it to wrap the siew mai. Ahaha! The result wasn't that bad.

Second round with chicken glutinous rice, har gao, char siew cheong fun and tau fu.

This is how much we ate! Total spent: 148 baht. Very cheap!

We tried out Hat Yai oil full body massage for 1 hour (350 baht) and foot reflexology for 1 hour (250 baht) @ Sakura Ancient Massage. We wanted to try Thai massage at first but the aunty recommend us oil body massage and said that nobody try Thai massage nowadays. For the full body massage, I recommend you all go for 2 hours for better effect (700 baht). I love their massage and really soothe my body and all the exhaustion just gone right away. I personally prefer their oil massage more than the Comfort's massage I had which I shared in previous post here.

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  1. The dimsum shop locate near whr? =D

    1. Hey Yue Xiang. This dim sum shop called Chokdee means Lucky. You may look for signage 好运点心肉骨茶 @ Lamai Songkrew Road. Few street away from Tune Hotel. You can reach there with a little bit of walking. Just remember how the shop looks like, I believe you will spot it when you walk around Hatyai Town.

    2. You are most welcome ^^ hope this helps