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[HATYAI] Chang Puak Camp + Samila Beach @ Thailand

Aunty was so excited to bring us sit elephant!

Lots of elephant was waiting us to ride. They kinda small though. Elephant trekking fees/person: 500 baht for 30 minutes ride. 

Weather too hot, the elephant stopped by the lake to have some water and washed her muggy leg. Just realized she has lot of hair and  rough skin. Riding elephant is really a cruel activity. I saw the guy in blue shirt controlled her by pulling her ear to turn left or right. By the way, the whole journey pretty swayful.

Complimentary fruits and drink. Ahaha I think these was actually included in the entrance fees. Anyway it's heart-warming to have some refreshing fruits and cold drink after the hot elephant trekking. The pineapple was very sweet and I wish they can give more.

Add one 500baht then you can enjoy ATV ride.

Free shooting experience if you pay for 1000 baht for elephant trekking and ATV ride. Note: Sexy girl in the photo is not included. ^,<
Address: Karnchanawanich Rd, between Hat Yai & Songkhla

Then, we headed off to Samila Beach at Songkhla to see this mermaid statue. Hell far. I felt like I sat about one hour Tuk Tuk.

Ride this pony for 150 baht. That uncle gave me quite a long ride and kept finding good scene for photo shoot. This is how I got this sexy beach pony ride photo. Cool right?! What amazing is that he let me control the pony myself! The feeling was so great!

Saw this aunty selling Egg Tofu, our curiosity made us bought 3 eggs for 20 baht. Surprised to find them taste good, little bit salty and really hot. Burnt my finger while trying to remove the eggshell. Noticed the black sand like precipitated at the bottom of the egg? I wonder what is that, I supposed it is pepper? After finished the whole egg, where the hell the egg yolk gone?! Same happened to the second egg too. Thus, my guess was aunty open a small hole on top of the eggshell, pour out the egg white and yolk, stir them by adding in salt or whatever, pour them back into the eggshell and solidify them with boiling water. This should explains why all of them without egg yolk.

Aha! Sea coconut drink. Love the freshness of the sea coconut and it's natural sweetness. Most important of all is that the sea coconut was great to bite.

Another must try Hatyai's special is coconut ice cream.

He cut the coconut into half and pour out the coconut juice. Removed the coconut's flesh from the skin for the convenience of us. Added in cubed size bread, cubed size dried sweet potato, peanut, sea coconut, glutinous rice & 3 scoops of coconut ice cream.

Voila! It looked so great and tasted as great! Love the fragrance of coconut so much!

We finished it in Tuk Tuk while the driver droved us to floating market. Pretty filling due to the glutinous rice. The whole thing was so nice and I wish to have it again!

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