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Summer Palace Buffet Lunch @ Marriott Hotel, Selangor

Dim Sum Dim Sum Dim Sum...

One of my favourite food so we decided to try out Summer Palace @ Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya ^,<


Various choices of dim sum.

First round. We were too hungry so finished them real fast. There were Siew Mai, Barbecue Chicken Bun, Crystal Prawn Dumplings, Shrimp Dumplings and Chicken feet with black bean sauce.

Fried Rice with Salted Fish & Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken with Egg Yolk

Crystal Prawn Dumplings

Yam  Puffs

Chilled Jellyfish with Pineapple Sauce

Steamed Prawn Cheong Fun

Glutinous Rice Chicken

Shrimps Wantans

Our long waiting Sesame Balls.

Prawn Rolls with Cheese

Slurrpy Egg Yolk & Custard Bun

Scallop Kataifi Rolls

Portuguese Mini Egg Tarts

Braised Assorted Dried Seafood Soup with Shredded Abalone

Honeydew Longan Dessert

Warm Bean Curb Bali dessert

Overall, their dim sum taste good. Just, their service really really slow. I thought their so called buffet style might be displayed dim sum where we can go get our dim sum over and over again, or maybe plenty of dim sum carts service which serve us from time to time. However, their buffet was after we ordered, then they will get the dim sum from kitchen which kind of a distance from our table. Spent us 2 hours and a half to get all our ordered foods arrive. We even have to keep urge the waitress where was our food. I personally this was the something Summer Palace should improve on, but food wise is okay.

Ramadan Buka Puasa IFTAR

Not long after that, I revisit Marriott Hotel again for Ramadan Buka Puasa IFTAR buffet dinner. Just little pictures so I am gonna parasite this post over my Summer Palace Dim Sum ^,<

Hmm..nice walkway. Anticipate to see what are the foods served that this walkway lead to.

Nice flowers

My main dishes. I apologize that I only able to captures the food on my plate only. So shy to stop everyone taking food so that I can capture. They have been puasa whole day already!

My salad

Kuih, fruits & Bubur Cha Cha

My self customized Ice Kacang+Cendol. Taste fine ^,<

You may visit their webpage here & Facebook page here.


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