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Sinki Seafood Restaurant @ Selangor

Think of Big Head Prawn aka Tai Tau Har 大头虾, I bet you will think of Dengkil Seafood & Sinki @ Dengkil.

Thought we drink beer during lunch time? Nah! Just tea ^,<

Slurrpy Popiah. A must ordered dish.

Taufu Fishballs

Another signature dishes was this Fish. Hm..somehow think it's teeth looks like piranha fish. Scared when see so many chilli right? Don't worry it's spicy at all. The graveness of the fish with soy sauce and garlic made it so delicious.

Steamed Village Chicken. I think most of the people don't like steamed chicken because too plain right?

Don't worry, they provided this sesame oyster sauce which mde a perfect match to the chicken.

The not that sinful dish-> fresh Mushroom cooked with oyster sauce. 

四大天王: Lady's finger, winged bean, brinjal and long bean.

Ready for the main dish already?

Tada!! Deep fried Big Head Prawn. It was way bigger than I thought!! I like the freshness of the prawn and the QQ texture. Just little pricey because they calculated the price by weighting the prawn and according seasonal price.

Kedai Makanan Sinki
No. 96, Jalan Besar
43800 Dengkil, Selangor
+603-8768 8268/+012-266 7161 (Mr Lee Chee Keong)
Close every night on Tuesday. 1st & 15th of Chinese Calendar


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