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Night Market @ OUG, KL

Night market in Malaysia-> The little treasure where you can get almost everything here. OUG (to be exact Taman Yarl) night market is situated around BP petrol station from the main road, Jalan Awan Besar.


Of course, you cannot try them. ^,<


Belts, watches, sunglasses, hair accessories, make up, nail polish, fake eye lashes, rings, earrings, bracelets & necklaces..All can be found in night market. Felt dazzling right?

Trendy bags ranging from wallet to big backpack can be found here.

Shoes that suit different ages.

Gadget Accessories
Phone accessories such as phone casing, screen protector, power bank, wire & chargers for different gadget model all can be found here.






Key Duplicator

I think he is the most good looking beggar I have ever saw.

Ahaha tired of walking through the crowds and get your body sweaty already right? Time for some foods.


Lok Loks

Sotong Bakar

Economy rice & Noodles

Paper Wrap Chicken

 Pork Pie

Uncle Bob Chicken Chop
You should try this and it can be found in every night market. Kind of franchise chicken chop 

Ice Kacang (ABC)

 This malay satay quite nice.

Fried Koay Teow & Fried Koay Kak
  This stall Fried Koay Teow not bad. Got Penang's style.

Curry & Tomyam Fish/Pork Ball
I personally love Tomyam Fish ball the most. Very Q and the tomyam soak into the fish ball makes them super nice. RM 1 per stick only.

Lots of fancy cakes. Some might just nice to see but taste just fine.

Muazhi has developed into variety of flavour such as mango, sesame, pandan & so on. I still prefer original the most.

 Otak Otak

 Fried Stick

 Roasted Pork
You can get some extra dishes for dinner with roasted pork.

 Chicken Skin

 Passion fruits with Aiyu Jelly
My favourite drink in night market. You can get it around RM 3

 Kuih & Biscuits
Grab some kuih for next day breakfast? XD

 Junk Foods
Kacang Putih as snack when you watch movie.

Nasi Lemaks & Nasi Nyonya

Fresh fruits. Nego for best price ^^


Peacock's Feather
Wait?! Why would people buy peacock feather for? To swap the floor? I bet this girl who enquired the aunty must have the same question in mind.

Most of the night market in Malaysia is the same. For instance->KL, most of the stalls just go around different night market to sell. Don't be shocked to find that, "Eh..I remember this aunty! I saw her last Monday selling at XXX Pasar Malam."

Location map to OUG night market refer here.

Hope you enjoy this short night market trip ^,<


  1. I've been living in Bukit Oug for more then three years but never been there before.
    May I know if the uncle bob chicken is halal? Is the worker is Muslim..
    So sorry to ask u suddenly...i need to have uncle bob chicken soon, so terliur..

    1. Hehe it wasn't obvious from the main road. Oh I saw uncle bob having the halal sign but I am not sure the worker is Muslim or not. Hehe no problem. I just realize I have missed out providing the location map in the post. Here is where you should find this night market -> https://www.google.com/maps/dir//3.0740737,101.6718541/@3.0740792,101.6697091,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!4m2!1m0!1m0