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Melaka Day 2

After a first day trip here & night exploration here, we continue for another half day food hunting @ Melaka again.

 A huge paper lion from IJM hide at the corner of residential, just before we enter another entrance of Jonker Street.
 Gan Boon Leong Gym

 Nice Durian Ice-cream. Aunty was so shocked when she realized me taking photo after she has my ice cream readied

 Eleven Bistro Cafe was where we have our Portuguese brunch.

 Seem like lots of people queue for this nyonya food next door. Nah..not gonna fooled by this phenomena again.

 Huge bear in the house. Ops! Don peep his underpant!

 Okay ambience.

Portuguese Style Spicy Fried Noodle. Taste nice but ordinary.
Slurrrpy Portuge style Chicken. Way much better than the nyonya chicken we had yesterday.

 The best dishes! Portugeues Style Hai Sam Squid. Super nice and delicious!

 Until our 'Singapore boss' have to order toast bread to eat with the sauce. Super duper nice!

Taste better's One Bite Durian Puff. A must have for durian lover. They have outlets in Selangor, Penang & Johor too. 

 Forever long queue Jonker 88 chendol. I don't understand why such a long queue because their chendol taste really suck.

 Tempted to try this Fruit Tea because of the nice design of the bottle. Ended up not really special.

 Wonder what was going on with these colourful dress of the 'looks like actor & actress'.

 Nice interior decoration of 古城鸡饭粒, I personally not a fans of rice ball and the roasted chicken taste just fine.

My favourite coffe can be found @ San Shu Gong 三叔公

陈年老桔. A must try drinks! What a refreshment after a hot day walk.

Lots of local biscuits available and always crowded with tourist.

 So much to see and try along the street.

 A must try Gula Melaka Dodol.

 Nadeje is another must go place if you are cake lover. This is where you can find delicious mille crepe.

 Cafe style interior deco.

Cheese Cake

Rum & Raisin Cake. This is super nice! Strongly recommend this.


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