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Melaka Day 1

Melaka is kinda small so we decided 2 days 1 night is sufficient. We reached Melaka in noon so park our car some where near Jonker Street and headed off for lunch.

Signature jonker walk stage.

Forever jam jonker street.

First meal @ Little Nyonya Restaurant.

Homemade pineapple juice. Nice! But the food arrived slow so this pineapple juice just not enough to sustain us. (#^^#)

Dono what chicken was this but taste nice. However, our friend said this one should be using RM 1.20 seasoning to cook. It tasted so familiar.

Carrot egg and delicious Otak-otak!

Ka Kiak from the old days. Missed wearing it and purposely step the floor harder to make the kiak kiak sound louder.

Windbell & Little chair

Kuih Nyonya

Bird egg with hot dog & ham. Try this! I suspect this snack is copied from Thailand.

Grilled squid

Lots of great souvenir to bring home.

Ginger liquor free try. Pretty good.

Body Builders Dr. Gan Boon Leong Statue. Behind this statue is actually 'need-to-pay' public toilet.

Sightseeing at other end of Jonker Street exit. This roundabout always decorate seasonly.

Forever long queue Hai Nam Chicken rice but I didn't get to try.

Christ Church on the left & Red house on the right
Beautiful decorated Pedicab

Some of the historical tourist spots on our journey to A Famosa.

Real man in Ironman costume. Too bad his costume made by cloth.

Tada! Found A Famosa.

Street singer in A Famosa. Kind of cheer up this old building.

Drawing & Cat for sales. Those cat slept all the way although tourist cuddle them. At some point I thought they has been injected sleeping dose until one of them wake up.

Throw money into cage for dream come true.

My successful Panoramic view from the A Famosa top.

Taming Sari ride which allow you to view the whole melaka.

Lets continue to the night view of Jonker Street here and Melaka Day 2 trp here.


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