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Komugi Bakery @ KL Selangor

Komugi Bakery-> The Authentic Japanese Bread & Cake

I personally think Komugi's Bread really special. It's so different with Bun or super-hard French bread. It's some how create a balance between soft and hard. I would say they are soft kind of Baguette.

Komugi's best seller-> Garlic Bread. I have never tasted such a great garlic bread and I never get bore having it over and over again. The garlic taste so good in your mouth. The after taste of the garlic did not makes me feel irritating. 

Walnut & Cheese. Don't deceived by the their mouldy appearance. They are actually very nice and I love their walnut.

Cranberry & Lemon. Love Cranberry! Taste good & smell good!

Noa Raisins. I was a little bit hesitating to try this and thought it might just ordinary raisin bread but it ended up very nice.Their signature bread texture makes this raisin bread special.

Coffee & Nuts. Enjoy having so many nuts with the coffee taste bread.

Chicken Bacon Cheese Bread. Slurrp! This is another must try after garlic bread.

Opss!!~Sorry for forgetting what this is called but taste very good too!

They have outlets @ Midvalley Megamall & Sunway Pyramid. Cafe style outlets @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & Paradigm mall. 
Operation hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)


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