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Jonker Street @ Night

After a half day walk here, pretty tired so we went back hotel take a bath and rest.
Then, headed back to Jonker Street. ^^
 Redish red house. Beautiful!

 Pedicab with LED to shine at night.

Shopping time in Jonker Street. Wuhoo!!
 Lots of craft Wired Robot. Impressive work!

 Various flavour of ice in cute egg shap container.

 Girls can get some hair accessories here too.

 Twist potato. Slurrp!!

 That time we went to Melaka was also Dumpling festival, thus grab a small glutinuos dumpling to shut my desire.

A just-fine Curry Mee

 Fried egg Oyster. Again, taste just okay.

 Aha!! Sze Chuan Sour & Spicy noodle. Very nice but too oily.

 This is the stall selling the Sze Chuan noodle.

 Night show @ Jonker Walk Stage.

 Before we leaved, we tried this super big curry fish ball. Very ordinary taste.

 Hiak hiak! Time for some Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang.

 Funny to find this notice inside the shop explaining that this shop is different with the Ban Lee Siang next door and they are using different satay sauce. Most importantly, satay sauce from this sauce is the original one. XD

 Boiling satay sauce and the shop keeper has to come over to stir the sauce from time to time. The peanut would stick at the bottom if not doing so.

 Self service to pick your own ingredients.

 Skinless bread to eat with satay sauce.

We just have a few stick because we just eat for fun. ^,<

 Ahaha! Show time. This NEWTON Food court is where you can find the super duper spicy Taiwan Sausage

 Quite a big food court with variety of food.

 Chuckles~ This is the stall selling this crazy sausage. There is 3 levels of spicyness: MaLak, Super MaLak & Double Super Malak. The last time we tried was Super Malak and burnt our mouth and stomached terribly that we are still having nightmare over it now.

However, my Penang's Hero challenged Double Super Malak.

I bow for admiration.
Let me walk you through how this Insane Sausage was produced!

 After the sausage was fried, aunty gently made 4 cuts at the side of the sausage and then proceed with small cuts on the sausage's surface on both side.

 Aww, I saw aunty made so many small cuts. Our hearts pumped so fast and nervous.

 This was the best part, aunty put this black "grease" which looks like extracted from chillies that have been cooked for "7x7=49 days".

 Aunty finished it up by pouring lots of Malak sprinkles. Pheww! Can't wait to see the reaction of our hero on his first bite. Ahaha! You know what happened? This hero can't even make his second bite after the first.

His chest and stomach burned so badly that he kept shouting "Arghh! Arghh!" over and over again. We have to rescue him by running to buy mineral water for him. He ended up vomited too. Even peeing also can feel the spiciness. Muahaha! Even now I recall this 'wonderful' experience, I can't help myself laughing there.

 Then, we headed over for movie @ Dataran Pahlawan. Found this building banner pretty 3D by looking from the window.

Our hero 'Jaga' open door for us to park our car before we go back to rest in the hotel. Ahaha

Our Day 2 trip continue from here.


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