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Jalan Alor Wai Sik Kai (为食街), @ Jln Alor, KL

Jalan Alor is one of the Kuala Lumpur Tourist Spot. It is also one of the always JAM place in KL!!

AWWW!! So many kopitiams?! All the waiter aggressively pulling us dine in.

In the end, we chose the kopitiam by looking on "which one having the most customers"

Tada! We dine in Sei Woo Restaurant.

Seem like a lot of customers. Food should be nice huh?!

Claypot noodles. Taste not bad. Pretty special I would say by adding in cauliflower, mushroom and holland bean


Cryspy fried oyster aka Oh Jian.

Overall the food taste nice but too pricey by looking on the food volume.

The best food at Jalan Alor for me is Chestnuts. 
There is only one stall selling this at the road side.
Sorry that I forgot to take photo of it. Too eager to eat it when it is still warm. ^,<


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