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Fried Pan Mee 炒板面 @ Old Klang Road, KL

I bet you tried tones of Pan Mee before, but have you ever try Fried Pan Mee?

Some where behind Pearl Point Hotel along the road of Jalan Sepadu, at this dodgy corner of the low cost flat, you will find a stall selling this. Just opposite the shoplots.

Looks for this signboard

I remembered the chef so shocked when I captured their photos. He said to the lady beside him: "What happened?!"

At the corner of the 4 storeys flat

Wanted to try their hokkien mee but finish already. I assumed they should be nice then only sold out?
Therefore, we changed the order to Yu Tao Mai 鱼头米. It's mee hun, with fried fish and milky soup. This taste just fine.

Tada! the main reason we came here-> Fried Pan Mee. Slurrp! Taste so so nice!! This is even better than Hokkien mee. I wasn't a fan of thick noodle fried with lots of black soy sauce but this was different!! Their sambal very nice and spicy too.

Head over here to try out


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