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Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar + The Social Bistro & Bar @ Bangsar, KL

My great bestie proposed to bring me try out the best Tiramisu in Town. Thus, we headed off to Alexis Bistro @ Bangsar, KL. I was really lucky that the traffic wasn't that bad on my way to Bangsar Village where I parked my car. There is renown for 'hard-to-find-parking'

I personally think the name of Alexis pretty nice.

Tada!! Tiramisu with chili sauce..wait?! Just joking..it's cranberry sauce. This tiramisu cake was spongy and most importantly the nuts on top of the cake was so nice and crunchy!! The huts' aroma was so overwhelming. Slurrp when I recalled.

Superstar posed with Tiramisu cake ;p

Cozy ambience with soothing music accompanied us while waiting our food to arrived.

Quattro Formaggi with the ingredients of Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Grana Padano, Chevre & Fresh Dill. Do you know what the hell are they that I have mentioned? Nope right? So am I and that was the reason we ordered this. Ahaha this only happens when two crazy girls bump together. When the pizza arrived, I was like huh?! Was the chef forgot to throw some of the ingredients onto the pizza? While forcing ourself to finish the whole pizza, we were so envied watching the other tables having mushroom, seafood and meat pizza. T.T

Plenty choice of cakes, tempted to take away but will try them out next time.

Next round, we go to The Social Bistro & Bar which just one block away.

Liquor time ^,<

Peach cocktails, NICE

Malino Coffee Liquor. No typo here. This is Coffee, they even provide us sugar and creamer. We were so doubtful when this arrived and even confirmed with the waitress whether was there any liquor inside or not. Ahaha hell funny!

Belated birthday gift from my bestie. Thank you so much!!! My first Starbucks Tumbler! I love it!

Peace selfie with this crazy insane 'Superstar'

Smile with & without showing teeth to the camera

Rocky, sexy & cute looks of us. Girl just love camera XD

Thanks for my bestie for helping me capture & capture with me these nice photos. 
A memorable night that I wish it never end.

Direction to Alexis Bistro

Direction to The Social Bistro & Bar


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