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Tea Break @ China House & 12 Cups, Penang

Penang's dessert restaurant is mushrooming so fast! Nowadays, people are willing to pay more for delicious food and cozy environment. China house became another popular hang out place in Penang.

China House

The owner bought two shop lot, renovated it and make it become one restaurant.

China house is crowded with peoples during Chinese new year. We have to queue up for tables. Phew!

Nice kitchen decoration of the cakes of days. We just choose, they will then help us cut it on the spot and serve it on our table. In my opinion, this theme is special but only practical if the shop is not crowded with customers. 

Chocolate moist cake. Lovely!

Carrot walnut cake. This is the best among the four pieces of cakes we have ordered.

Lemonade chocolate cake. Umm..taste just fine. Too sweet for me.

Lime cake. Nice to have it when it is warm.

Hot cuppocino.

Cold cuppocino. Well, I have to say their coffee taste just fine.

Their sky juice came in bottle. 

Nice decoration for the backyard.

You may refer their website here.

China House
53, Lebuh Pantai
10300, Georgetown, Penang
+604-263 7299
9am-11pm (Daily)
Government Tax & Service Charge Applicable

The Twelve Cups

Yuhoo! Second round at The Twelve Cups.

Very cozy place for chill out and enjoying mille crepe.

Drinks Menu and lots of mille crepe.

Oreo chocolate mille crepe and Vanilla mille crepe. Very nice! Kind of like the chocolate art they did on the plate.

Too bad my phone run out of battery. Or else I would have capture more photos for The Twelve Cups.

The Twelve Cups
12, The WhiteAways Arcade
Beach Street
10300, George Town, Penang
10am-12am (Daily)


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